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Bleach Chapter 581 – The Arrival Of The Savior

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Bleach chapter 581 - Candice, Liltotto, Meninas, and Giselle

Love this colour spread, such a delicious use of colour

Aw, I was really hoping that the characters to appear from the flash in the sky were Sado, Inoue, Nel, Grimmjow and Kisuke instead of Ichigo =(. Given that the story of Bleach is approaching its end and there isn’t much opportunity for Sado and Inoue to be highlighted in battles, I did believe that this stage with Candice, Liltotto, Meninas, and Giselle was a perfect stage for them to be highlighted in battle. Sado, Inoue, Nel and Grimmjow would have also made great opponents for these female Sternritter to be highlighted as well. With Ichigo having arrived, a one-sided battle seems to be the destiny awaiting Candice, Liltotto, Meninas, and Giselle. Although I could be wrong and the female Sternritter could put up an exciting and intense battle against Ichigo.

Amusing to hear from Hirako that without Zaraki, there isn’t many alive capable of posing a resistance against the Sternritter. I wonder if he knows about Byakuya, because Byakuya does seem to have powered-up to a level where he can take on a few Sternritter. Renji as well, with his complete Bankai, he is dangerous to the Sternritter.

The excitement of Ichigo’s arrival was a bit flat as the levels of despair and hopelessness for Soul Society weren’t that serious. More than the Gotei 13, it seemed to me that the Sternritter were the ones feeling the terror as they had to resort to taking down Zaraki when he was in an injured state. The Sternritter have been shown to be not as strong and able as they believed and thought themselves to be effectively painting them in a less imposing light as when they first appeared. Still Ichigo’s arrival is a fitting development with Zaraki injured and him arriving to save Zaraki. I just wonder whether the female Sternritter will pose much of a challenge for Ichigo now that he has remade his Zanpakutou.

Bleach chapter 581 - Ichigo arrives to save Zaraki

I wonder how quickly Ichigo will end this fight?

I am curious to see Ichigo’s new strength but I am also curious to see how Candice, Liltotto, Meninas, and Giselle react to Ichigo having appeared. Will they take on Ichigo or will another Sternritter interrupt the encounter and become the opponent of Ichigo? Zaraki being injured does still leave open the possibility of Inoue appearing, so I do look forward to finding about what Kisuke and Co. are currently doing in Hueco Mundo.

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