Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 70 – The Violence Of Flavour

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 70 - colour spread

Well this is an interesting colour spread, especially the uncharacteristic natures of some of the characters, but a great colour spread nonetheless

I guess “violence” really can be used to describe the flavour Ryou produced with his dish, but still, what an interesting way to illustrate the intensity of a chef’s dish. The brawler nature of Ryou was conveyed quite vividly through the reactions of the judges after tasting his dish and almost wanting to keel over. The fact that Senzaemon ‘stripped’ and the guests have taken a huge interest in Ryou is expressive of how great his dish was and the challenge Megumi needs to overcome if she is to come out victorious for this round.

From his look, to his actions, to the flavours of his dish, everything about Ryou really is intense. It seems he takes a totally different route to cooking than Alice, while she is concerned about the appearance of the dish, Ryou is focused more on the richness of the flavours. The fact that the judges wanted to collapse from the intensity of the flavours illustrates how strongly Ryou highlights the flavour impact of his dish.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 70 - Ryou's dish

That dish really is representative of Ryou

So that is what Ryou was doing when he was smashing the shells of the crustaceans, he created a powder from the shells he smashed and added that to every component of his ramen, which is why the flavours of his dish are so intense. No wonder the judges were focused on his dish, the extreme nature of his flavours captivated them. And such wildness forced Senzaemon to ‘strip’.

Hahah, after all the drama we had within the challenges so far, I had forgotten that there were famous guests present on the look out for up and coming cooks. With the reaction Ryou got from the judges, it is obvious why the guests have taken such a great interest in him.

With the hall totally oblivious of Megumi now, it will be interesting and exciting to see how she responds with her dish. The fact that Megumi is not getting flustered by the significance of the stage she is cooking on and is instead focused on her dish is a good sign that she is up to the challenge of taking on Ryou’s dish. Her time with Souma really has boosted her confidence and ability to believe in herself and abilities. I look forward to the seeing the complete dish Megumi has prepared for the judges and whether she can stun the audience once again, just like Souma did in the first battle.

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3 Responses to Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 70 – The Violence Of Flavour

  1. KrimzonStriker says:

    Huh, I knew Megumi wouldn’t take it lying down but her own dish is looking very well done up to this point. I’m still thinking Ryou will come out of this and the reactions were as I expected, but maybe only barely, given how the story is being illustrated, I’m only 55 to 45 percent sure on that he’ll pull through now, but this would be a true upset if Megumi pulled it out. Where are you on the fence in regards to the final outcome right now Syphin?

    • Syphin says:

      Well given everything we have seen, I find that it would make more sense to have Megumi come out victorious in this culinary battle. So far within the manga, Megumi hasn’t shined much and she is one of the main characters alongside Souma and Erina. It seems time (70 chapters into the story) for Megumi to have a moment where she expresses to everyone just how capable a chef/cook she really is, especially with people already to some degree beginning to notice her. With the addition of the “friendship” theme coming into play for this battle, there is extra driving force behind Megumi and a reason for her to be victorious.

      Now Megumi could achieve all that by putting up a great fight against Ryou, but when I look at the potential future match-ups in this Autumn Election and the remaining rounds, I feel like Megumi would fit in more strongly with the developments of the story than Ryou. You stated in one of your previous comments that Megumi’s defeat would be used to fuel/drive Souma and I think you may be right, but the opponent which Souma would make battling against personal would be the unnamed character in the Autumn Election whom has some connection to Eizan. If the unnamed student ends up facing off against Hisako in the first round and defeating her, Erina would obviously be interested in/angry with him. If Megumi progresses to the next round and meets him there where she is eventually defeated in a distasteful manner, Souma would certainly be burning with intent for the final of the Autumn Election where Eizan’s man would face off against Souma. The conclusion of the Autumn Election may see Erina beginning to open up to Souma.

      The other match-up for the first round would probably be Takumi vs Akira with Akira coming out victorious. Seeing as Akira had defeated Souma in the Autumn Election preliminaries, I find it fitting that Souma have another opportunity to face Akira and this time come out victorious. Having Akira as his opponent in the next round before facing off against Eizan’s man does seem likely.

  2. KrimzonStriker says:

    I’d agree if Megumi had more experience in competition though, at the moment she just hasn’t broken the barrier of having a real desire to win, that edge to kick it up a notch like Soma. I feel this match would give it to her, and the best way of getting it would be in defeat.

    As for the breakdown of the next round, the animous and dynamic of the Ryou and Soma men defeating their respective partners is also quite interesting to me, and the fact Soma has already competed with Hayama makes a second encounter less dramatic, look at how long Isami’s desire for a match is taking. And the carry over would be just as good to me if Eizan’s henchman runs through Hayama along the way. The henchman and Ryou are too similar to make their possible second-round matchup compeling, though I agree with all your first round predictions.

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