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Fairy Tail Chapter 384 – Aquarius’s Sacrifce

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Fairy Tail chapter 384 - Plutogrim Destroyed

The pain of losing a friend

A spirit of pride, love and strength, to save her dear friend and grant her the power to save the imprisoned fairies she accepts the price of power and the sacrifice required to call it forth. Within the cold waves of her words, an embracing warmth washes over as the tears of realisation and love escape voicing the feelings of her heart, feelings she tried to hide from but never rejecting she had. The Celestial Spirit of Water, Aquarius, through her love for Lucy and her desire to want to protect her, she sacrifices her Celestial Key in order to pay for the power Lucy desperately needs to save everyone, the power of a Celestial Spirit Mage.

It was always a big ask for Lucy to take on two Kyuukimon and come out victorious, so despite summoning three spirits, there was always a chance that Lucy may be too exhausted to muster enough strength to take on all her opponents. The proficiency of Torafusa within the water and the danger of Jackal with his explosions became too much of wall for Lucy to scale alone. Yet, thanks to Aquarius, Lucy found a way to smash through that wall.

Fairy Tail chapter 384 - Aquarius Sacrifice 1 Fairy Tail chapter 384 - Aquarius Sacrifice 2

Lucy truly is being tested this arc, normally Natsu, Erza and Gray are around to pick her up when she falls but with them imprisoned and in danger of losing their lives with the rest of Fairy Tail, Lucy has to be the one to pick herself up and find a way to save the rest of Fairy Tail. Although this time, it was Aquarius whom picked Lucy up and bestowed upon her the ability to summon the most powerful Celestial Spirit with the sacrifice she had made. It was a sorrowful farewell seeing Aquarius and Lucy separated with the destruction of Aquarius’s Golden Key, especially after they had both realised how much they had loved each other. Aquarius finally accepted the feelings she held towards Lucy. But within that sorrow, there is the joy that the two of them were able to further their bond and despite the inability of Lucy summoning Aquarius anymore, the two of them will always be connected and bonded.

With Aquarius gone and the Celestial Spirit King now on the battlefield, Lucy has the power necessary to save the rest of Fairy Tail and fulfill the reason Aquarius made the sacrifice for. With Plutogrim being destroyed fantastically by the Celestial Spirit King, there is the possibility that the curse imprisoning the rest of the Fairy Tail members has been undone or possibly weakened.

Fairy Tail chapter 384- Marde Guille vs Celestial Spirit King - colour by belucEn (http://belucen.deviantart.com)

Marde Guille vs Celestial Spirit King – colour by belucEn

Marde Guille seems familiar with the Celestial Spirit King and likewise for the Celestial Spirit King towards Marde Guille. How exactly do the two know each other and do they have any history with each other? But with the Celestial Spirit King facing off against the Dark King, I am very much looking forward to the next chapter. I am also looking forward to seeing what Lucy will do now.

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