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One Piece Chapter 747 – The Donquixote Family

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One Piece chapter 747 - Doflamingo's love for his family

For a second I forgot what a monster Doflamingo truly is

How surprising, I actually felt emotion, genuine emotion from Doflamingo when he talked about the Donquixote Executives being his family. For someone so cruel, sinister and cold-hearted, I wasn’t expecting Doflamingo to have such a vulnerable side, one that does express a certain level of pain he experienced in his childhood. I really am curious, what happened to Doflamingo, what events took place to lead him down this path, why has he forsaken everything beside his family? How can someone be loving and so hateful at the same time? And what I really want to know is despite the care Doflamingo has for his crew, why did Law end up turning against Doflamingo and wishing for his death?

What exactly is Isshou planning and why is he reluctant to move against Doflamingo? Is there something he is aware of that others aren’t? I would have thought that putting an end to Doflamingo would put an end to the chaos running rampant within Dressrosa. I suppose Isshou may be worrying about how the current actions of the World Government will end affecting the way people perceive it in the future. If the World Government comes of as being totalitarian like, people may begin to lose faith in it and end up even rebelling against what the World Government stands for if there comes a point when the World Government threatens their wellbeing.

One Piece chapter 747 - Doflamingo's twisted perception of the citizen's right to vote

That is a twisted way to look at a person “right” to vote…

With Doflamingo having destroyed the keys to the SMILE factory, it will be interesting to see how it will be accessed and destroyed. If Law can get free from his kairoseki chains, he can use his Shambles ability to teleport inside. Well Franky is heading for the SMILE factory, so it will be interesting to see if his beams can penetrate the kairoseki.

Doflamingo really does have a soft side for his crew, he forgave their failings and even stood up for Pica when one of the Donquixote grunts laughed at Pica’s usual voice. I knew the Donquixote Pirates functioned like a family, but I never knew that they were so close as a family. Each of the members care for each other and it seems they have spent a long time with Doflamingo. When you look at Doflamingo in the light of how he cares for his crew mates, he doesn’t seem very different from Luffy, it is just when you Doflamingo turns his attention to the rest of the world that he ends up revealing how brutal, cold-hearted and monstrous he really is.

I was wondering if Pica would ever speak in the manga and if he did what it would sound like and amusingly, it turns out that he has a high-pitched voice which completely doesn’t match his terrifying image. Luffy’s reaction at Pica speaking was priceless, despite the seriousness of the situation he finds himself in, he can’t help but behave naturally and laugh at the unusualness of Pica’s voice conflicting with his appearance. I doubt Luffy meant to insult Pica, but Pica and Doflamingo won’t end up perceiving it as that.

One Piece chapter 747 - Luffy laughing at Pica

So Luffy laughed at one of Doflamingo’s family members, guess Luffy won’t be forgiven any time soon

With Luffy catching Pica’s attention and Zoro taking on Isshou, it is going to be interesting to see if Law can free himself from the kairoseki cuffs and what he will end up doing when he is free. There is also the sudden disappearance of Sabo, where exactly did he end up heading off too? And what about Koala, she is investigating the presence of countries disguised as pirates within the Dressrosa (I wonder how many countries disguised their ships as pirate ships to get inside the underground trading port). How will the Doerena Kingdom come into play later on in the story and how corrupt have nations become that they end up relying on the black market.

One Piece chapter 747 - Robin the tactician

I wonder what Robin plans to do when the group she is leading meet up with King Riku and Viola

I am enjoying seeing Robin take the lead in the group she is in at the moment and leading them towards the Royal Plateau where currently Viola and King Riku are. It may be overshadowed by the dramatic battles going on with Luffy and Zoro, but Robin is showcasing how adept she is in tense situations by analysing the pieces the Strawhats currently have to work with and how they can utilise them against Doflamingo’s forces. Robin was able to find a way through the mass of citizens, pirates, criminals and marines after them and coordinate a way to the top of the Royal Plateau despite how the surrounding landscape changed thanks to Pica. Robin really does seem like a tactician in these recent chapters.

With the intensity turned up and the Marines and the Donquixote Pirates making their move, I am looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how Pica goes berserk on Luffy and whether Isshou will eventually come around and realise how much of threat Doflamingo is the people of the country.

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