Naruto Chapter 676 – Team 7 VS Madara

Naruto chapter 676 - Sakura activating the Byakugou no Jutsu

There is still time for Sakura to get a moment to shine, hopefully Kishimoto-sensei manages to make it happen

I was wondering if Kishimoto-sensei would take on the challenge of focusing on Sakura and have her join in on the fight against Madara as she still boast an incredible level of strength and it seems that there is still some hope that Sakura may in fact still prove useful battle-wise within the story. Having Sakura unleash her Byakugou no Jutsu and charge straight for Madara was a badass development, and even though it may not have been a smart move given that she knows nothing about how the Rinnegan functions in Madara, it was still great to see Sakura take the initiative and have something still up her sleeve. The battle progressed by fading Sakura into the background as Naruto and Sasuke became the focus, but hopefully as Sakura deduces what is going on she will be able to lend her strength in helping the two of them stop Madara.

With Sakura always having been protected by Naruto and Sasuke, it is obvious why she arrived at the perception that she was a burden to them and apart from some slight support with her medical ninjutsu, she never aided them in a major way. Sakura had always wanted to be a true member of Team 7 who could hold her own with the rest of the members and even end up protecting them, so it is no wonder that driven by her own weakness haunting her, she trained herself to the point of achieving proficiency over the forbidden jutsu developed by her master, Tsunade, the Byakugou no Jutsu.

With the Byakugou no Jutsu active Sakura is in a state in which she can provide support to Naruto and Sasuke, although what she does need to do is observe Madara first and deduce how his Rinnegan functions and how she can exploit any weakness present to land a hit or two – just like what Kakashi is doing. Sakura as of yet can’t see Madara’s clones and she can’t feel them unless she is able to enter a Senjutsu Mode, so she will have to find other ways to deal with the copies of Madara. Sakura may not have had many shining moments within the story but with her currently in the situation she is in there is something she can do and hopefully Kishimoto-sensei is able to take time and effort to focus on her and give her some deserved character development, because in the end she is the main female character of Naruto.

It was sad that Sakura’s assault on Madara ended as soon as it began with her not even managing to land a hit on Madara although with Madara repossessing both his Rinnegan eyes, it was expected that he would be significantly harder to hit.

Madara’s Chibaku Tensei pretty much illustrated generally how much more powerful Madara has gotten with both Rinnegan in his possession now, although Naruto and Sasuke countered in kind being able to destroy the “meteorites” before they impacted on the land. Naruto’s Bijuu Rasengan and Sasuke’s Susanoo were very impressive, looks like the chakra they received from Hagoromo was also quite significant.

Naruto chapter 676 - Mugen Tsukuyomi - colour by DEOHVI (

The Mugen Tsukuyomi activated – colour by DEOHVI

With Madara awakening his third eye and having it reflect itself off the Moon, the time for his plan to come to fruition has finally come. How will everyone being affected by the Mugen Tsukiyomi and is the Stone Monument Madara is so reliant on completely honest about the effects of the Mugen Tsukiyomi? Seeing how no one else managed to get this far and it was Kaguya who developed the jutsu, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mugen Tsukiyomi behaved in a way that Madara was completely unaware of. Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how Team 7 will respond.

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