Bleach Chapter 580 – The Assault Of The Female Sternritter

Bleach chapter 580 - Candice Catnipp

Impressive that she was able to avoid Zaraki’s attack

So we finally get the titles to the Sternritter initials of Candice, Liltotto, Meninas, and Giselle revealed, how exciting, but how sorrowful for them that the setting they had to show-case their abilities in was one where no-named Shinigami were the focus of their onslaught. Sure Zaraki may have been for the moment immobilised by them, but with the sudden development in the skies, these Sternritter may just find themselves with new opponents to fight. Hopefully before they defeated, they are given some opportunity to shine and have their abilities highlighted because for the most part they do seem quite interesting.

After seeing Gremmy’s abilities, the powers Candice, Liltotto, Meninas, and Giselle wield seem a bit underwhelming and shallow. Maybe it was just because their opponents were no-named Shinigami so they weren’t able to be pushed much. There were moments of fascination with each of the characters abilities though. Candice (“T”) wielding her “Thunderbolt” seems to be able to avoid incoming attacks but turning herself into a bolt of lightning and dodging. Liltotto’s (“G”) “Glutton” power is incredibly wierd, especially that mouth which she extends from her face, that was just creepy. I am curious as to whether Liltotto is able to get any benefit from eating people/things =/. Meninas’s (“P”) ability deals with “Power” and it seems to be the most straight-forward – it gives her power, but the exact levels of power she has hasn’t been specific yet. Finally Giselle (“Z”) is a “Zombie”, apart from being unable to be killed through normal means, she is able to utilise her blood to control others subject to it. I wonder how else her “Zombie” ability and blood can affect others.

The abilities Candice, Liltotto, Meninas, and Giselle wield are intriguing, but they need a stage first in which they can really shine. The slaughtering they carried out on the no-named Shinigami didn’t say much about how strong they really are, and Zaraki just seems out of their league, especially if he got serious. Candice, Liltotto, Meninas, and Giselle need opponents who can push them if they are to be highlighted like the previous Sternritter we have seen when focused on.

And because of the need for a proper set-up for a battle, I am quite optimistic about the meaning behind the blast in the sky and who will end up appearing from it. Ichigo did cross my mind, but would him appearing really mean much battle-wise for this fight? With the power Ichigo now wields, wouldn’t he just destroy these Sternritter? Therefore I feel that the blast in the sky isn’t related to Ichigo. Seeing as there are four Sternritter, it is possible that multiple characters would be appearing from the sky and I wouldn’t be too surprised if Sado, Inoue, Nel, Grimmjow, Kisuke and any other Arrancar end up appearing in Soul Society. With Zaraki in the damaged state he is currently in, Inoue appearing now does seem like a good possibility.

Bleach chapter 580 - The blast in the sky

Is someone going to appear from the blast?

If that does happen, the battle that would ensure would be adequate stage needed to highlight the Sternritter not to mention allowing Inoue, Sado, and Nel some badly needed focus. The story of Bleach is approaching its end and time is running out for the rest of main characters to take the spotlight, but now seems like a great time for Inoue and Sado to appear and get a battle in before Ichigo arrives to take down Yhwach. Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing who ends up appearing from the blast in the sky.

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