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One Piece Chapter 747 – The Donquixote Family

One Piece chapter 747 - Doflamingo's love for his family

For a second I forgot what a monster Doflamingo truly is

How surprising, I actually felt emotion, genuine emotion from Doflamingo when he talked about the Donquixote Executives being his family. For someone so cruel, sinister and cold-hearted, I wasn’t expecting Doflamingo to have such a vulnerable side, one that does express a certain level of pain he experienced in his childhood. I really am curious, what happened to Doflamingo, what events took place to lead him down this path, why has he forsaken everything beside his family? How can someone be loving and so hateful at the same time? And what I really want to know is despite the care Doflamingo has for his crew, why did Law end up turning against Doflamingo and wishing for his death?

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Naruto Chapter 676 – Team 7 VS Madara

Naruto chapter 676 - Sakura activating the Byakugou no Jutsu

There is still time for Sakura to get a moment to shine, hopefully Kishimoto-sensei manages to make it happen

I was wondering if Kishimoto-sensei would take on the challenge of focusing on Sakura and have her join in on the fight against Madara as she still boast an incredible level of strength and it seems that there is still some hope that Sakura may in fact still prove useful battle-wise within the story. Having Sakura unleash her Byakugou no Jutsu and charge straight for Madara was a badass development, and even though it may not have been a smart move given that she knows nothing about how the Rinnegan functions in Madara, it was still great to see Sakura take the initiative and have something still up her sleeve. The battle progressed by fading Sakura into the background as Naruto and Sasuke became the focus, but hopefully as Sakura deduces what is going on she will be able to lend her strength in helping the two of them stop Madara.

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Bleach Chapter 580 – The Assault Of The Female Sternritter

Bleach chapter 580 - Candice Catnipp

Impressive that she was able to avoid Zaraki’s attack

So we finally get the titles to the Sternritter initials of Candice, Liltotto, Meninas, and Giselle revealed, how exciting, but how sorrowful for them that the setting they had to show-case their abilities in was one where no-named Shinigami were the focus of their onslaught. Sure Zaraki may have been for the moment immobilised by them, but with the sudden development in the skies, these Sternritter may just find themselves with new opponents to fight. Hopefully before they defeated, they are given some opportunity to shine and have their abilities highlighted because for the most part they do seem quite interesting.

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