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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 69 – Difference In Perspective

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 69 - Megumi vs Ryou

The conflicting perception of cooking between the chefs

Along with Megumi and Ryou’s origins from port cities and their experience working as chefs at an early age, the differences in their perception of cooking and its meaning is also setting-up this battle as an incredibly exciting one. Ryou, through the rough childhood he had to endure arrived at the view that cooking involved only yourself and making your opponent(s) submit to you. Megumi on the other hand found a way forward through the confusion and doubt her mind trapped herself in with the aid and support of others.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 383 – Lucy VS Tartarus

Fairy Tail chapter 383 - Aquarius - colour by i-azu (http://i-azu.deviantart.com)

Risking her life against the demons of Zeref to save her nakama – colour by i-azu

Alone and overwhelmed, the single Fairy unaffected by the demonic clutches of imprisonment finds herself needing to consolidate her courage and tackle the immense wall of darkness surrounding her. With the belief her nakama are alive and her desire to want to save them, emotion takes the form of strength and through the bonds connecting her with her Spirits, Lucy is able to unleash a new level of power and reach a state capable of realising her wishes.

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