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Naruto Chapter 675 – The Propagator

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Naruto chapter 675 - the propagator

Madara, the cause of Rin’s suffering…

I don’t get Madara, he is inciting war, conflict, and hatred just so he can “end” it? Does he seriously think the end he seeks justifies the methods and his actions towards reaching it? And the “actual end” that he does seek in an artificially empty one which robs people of the very thing that Madara himself is trying to reach – “life”. I am continually finding myself overwhelmed by the absurdity of the way several Uchiha members think. Rather than helping to solve the problem Madara is just multiplying it with his delusion that he himself is the savior of the world. Madara is just a propagator of conflict.

A shame Sakura wasn’t able to destroy the Rinnegan Obito had, but at least she was saved by him and is now with Naruto and Sasuke ready to take on Madara. Still what I don’t get is how all of a sudden the abilities of Obito’s two Mangekyou Sharingan have reversed. Normally the eye Obito has should be the only eye able to teleport to the Kamui dimension and the eye Kakashi had which Madara has should be the eye which allows the user to use Kamui from range, but since last chapter Madara was able to use Kamui on himself with the eye Kakashi had and now Obito is able to use Kamui range on Sakura without even touching her? The “sudden” expansion on each of the eyes uses just seems so conveniently forced that it seems odd to me.

Anyway, shocking to hear that Madara orchestrated the whole ordeal with Rin in order to force Obito to see her die and fall into darkness. It seems the Uchiha can do anything beside think rationally, they can even add a seal on a persons heart preventing them committing suicide. It is getting ridiculous to see the Sharingan abused so painfully, can’t we have it not overwhelm the rest of the Shinobi Kekkai Genkai within the story? Still I suppose since the Sharingan and Rinnegan did come about from Kaguya consuming the Shinju fruit, it is expected that it will be more powerful than the other Shinobi abilities.

Naruto chapter 675 - Madara taking his Rinnegan back

Just how powerful will Madara become now?

I still don’t get how Madara plans to end war and conflict when is one of the main reasons for why in recent times they have been war and conflict. Well whatever happens, I am going to take satisfaction in seem Madara squirm and fall when he faces Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.

Naruto’s regenerative ability is fascinating, he was able to regrow Kakashi’s destroyed eye…does that mean he can restore other people lost limbs or cure illnesses by just touches a person and sharing his chakra? Healing hands Naruto may just make the Medical Shinobi redundant now =P. Well unless Kishimoto-sensei decides to focus on Sakura strongly and convey her strength as a medical shinobi in a positive light in her battle with Naruto and Sasuke against Madara. It is great to see Team 7 reunited again and the flashbacks Kakashi had of the team’s introduction did add to emotion of seeing Team 7 back together again.

Naruto chapter 675 - Team 7 back together

Team 7 back together

Sasuke’s present dream does intrigue me, I still wonder what he meant when he stated that he wanted to become Hokage. Does he want to become one in order to restore the Uchiha clan and lead them away from the “cursed fates” they are said to have? Looking forward to seeing Team 7 against double Rinnegan-eyed Madara!


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