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One Piece Chapter 746 – Taking Down Doflamingo

One Piece chapter 746 - Luffy heading for Doflamingo

Time for the villain to get a taste of defeat…

What a hilariously epic chapter, I was anxious to see how everyone would react to the chaos descending upon them and the allure of money when Doflamingo mentioned the names on his list, and it looks like all those once eternally grateful to Usopp discarded such gratitude for a chance at earning a few million Berry. Ah what a shame, don’t they know that they are fighting for the losing side now that Luffy has real incentive to want to take down Doflamingo? I am also curious to see what Isshou will end up doing, he did tell Bastille to inform the squads that the Strawhats and Law were still the targets, but I am sure he has something he wants to say to Doflamingo and he probably will when the time comes.

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Naruto Chapter 675 – The Propagator

Naruto chapter 675 - the propagator

Madara, the cause of Rin’s suffering…

I don’t get Madara, he is inciting war, conflict, and hatred just so he can “end” it? Does he seriously think the end he seeks justifies the methods and his actions towards reaching it? And the “actual end” that he does seek in an artificially empty one which robs people of the very thing that Madara himself is trying to reach – “life”. I am continually finding myself overwhelmed by the absurdity of the way several Uchiha members think. Rather than helping to solve the problem Madara is just multiplying it with his delusion that he himself is the savior of the world. Madara is just a propagator of conflict.

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Bleach Chapter 579 – Fantasy End

Bleach chapter 579 - Female Sternritter - colour by HikariNoGiri (http://hikarinogiri.deviantart.com)

More Sternritter appear in front of Zaraki: Candice, Meninas, Liltotto, and Giselle – – colour by HikariNoGiri

Well it has come at last, fantasy boy Gremmy has finally keeled over and the story can now progress into another of the many battles ongoing within Soul Society. I am surprised Gremmy’s concluding comments took half a chapter to deal with as he has already had substantial time within the last few chapters to be within the focus. Personally I didn’t find his character all that interesting and became indifferent about his character over four chapters ago. Yachiru’s sudden disappearance is interesting, especially with her shinigami outfit and badge left at the scene of the battle. Anyway with Zaraki partially injured and Liltotto, Meninas, Candice, and Giselle showing up I am intrigued to see how this scene will develop (and what happened to Bambietta?).

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