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Fairy Tail Chapter 382 – On The Brink Of Defeat

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Fairy Tail chapter 382 - The imprisoned fairies

The imprisoned fairies. All hope is now on you, Lucy!

I can’t tell if Marde Guille is extremely powerful or if he is just foolishly overconfident. Certainly he does boast some impressive power with that Alegria spell he cast which practically almost defeated Fairy Tail in an instant but with the way he is ridiculing humans, you just know that he is going to inevitable get a taste of what it feels like to get burned by those he is grossly underestimating. Cube being revealed as some massive beast which became a “prison” of sorts for the Fairy Tail members was an intense development, but it is interesting that out of everyone, Lucy was the only Fairy Tail member to remain unaffected by “Brute Grim” and the Alegria spell. With Marde Guille being limited in how he can use Alegria, it will be interesting to see what happens with Lucy still moving.

Marde Guille, what a cocky Demon King, does he seriously believe that everything is going “according to plan” when everything Tartarus has done has failed spectacularly and three members of the Kyuukimon are defeated? He told Kyouka to look at the “big picture” but he is doing anything but that, knowing nothing about Fairy Tail, I fail to see how complete the “picture” Marde Guille is looking at is. He could at least show a bit more urgency and caution when dealing with Fairy Tail so that the reader’s don’t actually roll their eyes everything he smiles and looks down on humans.

Fairy Tail chapter 382 - Marde Guille's cruelty

Cruelty doesn’t really work in the long run when disciplining subordinates, it has the tendency to motivate them to want to see you dead…

I also have an issue with him torturing Kyouka and the way in which he is doing it. Kyouka is valued member of Tartarus and it seems excessively pointless torturing her now and giving her a reason to want to back-stab him at some later point when she is free and Marde Guille is backed into a corner. To denigrate Kyouka as a demon has just completely expressed to her that he may very well not have the “demons” best interest in mind within the new world they envision to create with Zeref.

Kyouka has revealed herself to not be as cold-hearted as she initially, while she does take enjoyment in human beings suffering, she valued other demons and those that followed along with her. Marde Guille, well he doesn’t even care whether you are human or demon, as long as he can take enjoyment in it, he will torture any. The fact that he tortured Kyouka because he found she caused him pain is an illustration of his extreme selfishness.

Still I got to give Marde Guille props from executing his plan and imprisoning all except one fairy within the walls of Brute Grim. Alegria is most likely a spell with special conditions and can only being used with the presence of Brute Grim and while the targets and near or inside it.

Fairy Tail chapter 382 - Marde Guille's Brute Grim

Cube just evolved! And what a terrifying form it has taken

Lucy not being affected is a very curious development, does it have something to do with the fact that she is a Celestial Mage? Seeing as Brute Grim in a Demon Beast, there is a possibility that the keys and Celestial Magic Lucy has offers her some protection against Demon Beast =/. Well I suppose it may just be luck, with Lucy’s name being derived from the word “Lucky” (from the merchants’ guild called ‘Love & Lucky’ her parents were part of in the past) it would make sense.

Poor Minerva, her prey was taken from her =(, hope now she realises how little Tartarus value her revenge and self. She may very well be able to separate herself from them before Tartarus get the opportunity to use her.

The mention of Lumen Histoire added to the weight of this arc, especially since from what Hades’s said, defeating Tartarus may require the release of the “light”. Or will Lumen Histoire be the spell that saves all the Fairy Tail members from the “darkness” they are currently in? With Tartarus and Marde Guille with the upper hand at the moment, I look forward to see what happens in the next chapter with Lucy and her mission to save Fairy Tail.

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