One Piece Chapter 745 – Doflamingo’s Game

One Piece chapter 745 - Doflamingo's Game

The Joker finally reveals his true colours, but will things go as he plans?

I was curious to see what card Doflamingo had up his sleeve to save both himself and the SMILE factory from being destroyed and it seems he has pulled out one big joker that has changed this arc dramatically. From position of seemingly being defeated to one where he holds a stronger position over the ones seeking his downfall, and what’s worse, he has pitted the whole nation against those he deems problematic to him and his plans – namely the Strawhats.

It is interesting to learn that the roof of the SMILE factory is made of kairoseki and nice to learn that Doflamingo has always kept the safety of the SMILE factory in mind throughout the chaos erupting in this arc. Looks like the terror Kaidou represents really is serious, for Doflamingo to plan so much in order to prevent his dealings with Kaidou from being stopped. Whatever happens though, I am still wondering what Bartolomeo’s suitcase will be used for, will it have something to do with destroying the SMILE factory?

Zoro, I wonder if he will get a rematch with Pica, who is immensely more dangerous than I initially gave him credit for. I honestly did not expect Pica to be so useful, but his devil fruit ability is making it possible for Doflamingo to turn the tables. Maybe Zoro can truly get a serious fight this arc where is able to unleash himself and his blades.

One Piece chapter 745 - Doflamingo's clone

Viola sure is quick on the uptake, how exactly will her role in the remainder of this arc develop?

Doflamingo’s “clone”, wow, so that is what he did, he created a clone of himself with his strings, what a ridiculously cunning countermeasure to being targeted. Doflamingo’s string ability and the massive unknown that goes with it is currently making it difficult for Luffy and anyone else to combat him effectively. Hopefully Law is bit more generous with any information concerning Doflamingo and his abilities now, because knowing what they are up against can only help their chances of coming out of this situation alive and seeing Doflamingo defeated. Just like it was with Crocodile, Enel and the rest of Luffy’s enemies, once he learns how they fight, he is able to find ways to exploit their weaknesses.

Pica being with Doflamingo does make it impossible for anyone to get near him, but it will be interesting to see who ends up defeating Pica and how they end up doing it – my bet is still on Zoro taking down Pica.

One Piece chapter 745 - Doflamingo's scheme

To reveal such a tragic plan with a smile, does he have no heart?

Bird Cage, I honestly was not expecting something so literally, especially with so many strong characters present in Dressrosa. Can’t the strings Doflamingo is using to create the “cage” be cut or destroyed? Certainly with Haki the strings should be able to be severed…and what about the Marines, Isshou is there, does Doflamingo really think he can take him on once he starts slaughtering the citizens of Dressrosa? Either way though, it was smart of him to use Pica to bring up the SMILE factory to a level where he can see and protect it.

Doflamingo “game” is such a massive lie, he intends to save and reward anyone who kills the targets on his ‘list’? Didn’t Law earlier in the chapter state that Doflamingo intends to slaughter every citizen in Dressrosa before the truth of what he has done gets out? Hell Doflamingo even implied the same thing to King Riku when he mentioned the coming events making the incident ten years ago seem tame. And will anyone really listen to Doflamingo and dance to his flute? With the former toys being saved by Usopp and the reverence they now hold for him on top of the hate they have for Doflamingo I really don’t think any of them will end up playing his game the way he wants, especially having been fooled by him once already. It does seem that Doflamingo has underestimated Usopp once again and that may come back to bit him. I suppose though Doflamingo can control people, but how many can he control at a time?

One Piece chapter 745 - Bird Cage

So Law has experience “Bird Cage” before? What exactly happened between Law and Doflamingo?

I am curious as to why the Den Den Mushi’s aren’t working, is it being blocked by the “bird cage” or something else? And even though Isshou can’t see what exactly is happening, I’m sure he realises what Doflamingo has done and how much danger he has placed the citizens of Dressrosa in.

Still, this arc has gotten incredibly exciting, with Doflamingo revealing his trump card and turning the tide of battle, how will the Strawhats and the rest react? Doflamingo has expressed his intention to remain in the palace effectively boasting his confidence, but will that be a move he regrets? He does appear to be severely overconfident and nothing good can come from that, especially with his opponents being the Strawhats. It also does seem that Law will have another important part to play within this arc, looking forward to the next chapter.

One Piece chapter 745 - the Strawhats colour cover spread

What a fun colour spread, so this is what happens when the crew do the washing =P

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