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Naruto Chapter 674 – Naruto And Sasuke VS Madara II

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Naruto chapter 674 - All or Nothing - colour by IITheYahikoDarkII (http://iitheyahikodarkii.deviantart.com)

All or Nothing – colour by IITheYahikoDarkII

So we finally learn what “Limbo” is…some sort of ability that allows Madara to separate himself into two forms, one capable of being seen and the other only able to be seen by the Rinnegan and felt by Sage/Bijuu Mode. It was an interesting chapter seeing Sasuke get used to his Rinnegan and analysing Madara’s abilities in order to derive a strategy Naruto and he can use to get a hit in. The end of the chapter was a shock though, did not expect Kakashi to be targeted, but in hindsight, it makes sense.

Limbo enables Madara to create a form of himself which cannot be hit with physical attacks and during a limited time, his real self is able to enter a realm not able to be seen by those without a Rinnegan. Quite the powerful ability, but it was exciting to see Sasuke observe Madara and create a plan to deal with the ‘Limbo’ ability. It has been a long time since we seen Sasuke engage a fight like this.

I’m curious as to what Sasuke’s Rinengan ability is, Madara did comment on it being identical to his, which is probably due to the fact that both inherited Ashura’s chakra. I was uneasy about the fact that Madara only has one Rinnegan currently and that he would somehow end up stealing Sasuke’s, but the end of the chapter relieved that unease and created a whole new one.

I totally was not expecting Madara to steal Kakashi’s Sharingan and use it to enter the Kamui dimension. I was under the impression that the eye of Obito’s Kakashi had was only able to utilise Kamui on other objects without the need of physical touch and could not allow the user to enter the Kamui dimension like Obito’s right eye which could teleport himself but was limited to utilising the Kamui ability with physical touch. As it stand with Madara teleporting to the Kamui dimension, it appears that Kakashi had the stronger of the Sharingan eyes (being able to use Kamui without physical touch), but was most likely unable to access its full potential due to not being an Uchiha.

Naruto chapter 674 - Madara invades

…well that doesn’t look good

It is sad that once again it seems Sakura is going to get shafted to highlight other characters, unless of course she is able to fend off Madara until she destroys Obito’s Rinnegan, that would be some great highlighting for Sakura’s character. Still, the likely outcome is Madara retrieving the Rinnegan from Obito…

Well whatever happens, it was cool how Naruto is able to modify his Rasengan to incorporate the different bijuu chakra, I can’t wait to see how he utilises the other bijuu chakra. Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing what Naruto and Sasuke do in response to what Madara just pulled (poor Kakashi, eye feel sorry for him).

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