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Bleach Chaper 578 – The Double-Edged Imagination

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Bleach chapter 578 - Zaraki Kenpachi

And he didn’t even need to take his eye patch off, what a beast Zaraki Kenpachi

Well that was a fitting end to the battle, Gremmy killing himself through the perception of Zaraki he had formed within his mind. It was an excessively stretched out fight, especially with the result being obvious from onset, Zaraki was not going to lose to Gremmy, but at least it is over now and we can move on to the other battles and/or other characters. Still, now the Sternritter realises how dangerous Zaraki has become and that is exciting.

Zaraki demolishing any move Gremmy made is testament to how much power he has gained through the release of his zanpakutou and he did it with seemingly relative ease, or at least gave the perception that he was unaffected majorly by all of Gremmy’s “attacks”.

And it was that very “truth” which pressurised Gremmy into wielding the blade of imagination haphazardly at Zaraki that only ended up damaging his own self. With the delicate power of imagination, the pressure Zaraki made Gremmy feel forced him to create a nightmare within his own mind, and it was that very state of mind that caused his own abilities to consume him.

With Gremmy defeated and Zaraki’s power and terror laid bare for everyone to see, how exactly will the Sternritter react? Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing if Ichigo shows up soon.

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