Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 67 – Megumi’s Confidence

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 67 - Megumi's change in perspective

Any apprehension or dread she holds has totally disappeared…those eyes express a harmonious state of mind

Those eyes of Megumi’s when she was walking out to the center of the arena, they conveyed so much determination and belief. I am not exactly sure what Megumi did to prepare herself, but she really does look more relaxed and centered, a total contrast to her usual flustered self. Right now Megumi does seem to be in state in which she could defeat someone of Ryou’s level, especially if she remains focused and confident in her abilities (which is unique amount the current students in the first year).

You can tell Alice isn’t used to losing with how she began to behave after her defeat was announced, but it is cool how Souma helped her up to her feet and ignited a fire inside her with the mention Tootsuki’s top spot (Alice now wants to continue their battle into their next match, not admitting defeat because of this loss).

Erina’s brief meeting with Alice was interesting, what exactly did she mean when she commented on it ‘being nice that Alice was able to cry so selfishly’ =/. Was such a comment meant to signify the weight Erina feels for having to carry the Nakiri future on her abilities as a chef? Does she feel a bit weighed down by her duty? Hopefully we get some further coverage on Erina during the future Autumn Election chapters.

Megumi, did changing her frame of mind really align her focus so drastically? She appears so much more confident and centered now, but I suppose with her having realised that at the core of the Autumn Election, cooking is what is being tested, so discarding the notions of success and failure and just focusing on the enjoyment that goes with cooking, she is able to look at the Autumn Election from a more calmer and embracing point of view. This change in perspective in how she is approaching her challenge seems to have allowed her mind to free itself from the shackles of pressure and doubt.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 67 - Megumi vs Ryou

What a surprising and uneasy match-up, which of the two will reign as the victor?

With Megumi’s opponent being Kurokiba Ryou, who is revealed to be more dangerous than he appeared in the preliminaries, it is going to be incredibly interesting to see how this culinary battle progresses and culminates. It definitely was a complete shock to hear from Ryou that he actually has more wins against Alice in cooking, what exactly is he capable of and the aura surrounding him as he entered the arena bring with him such an ominous feeling. With ramen being the theme, this challenge between Megumi and Ryou is set-up in a way that has me both excited and uneasy. Looking forward to the next chapter and finding out how this battle develops.

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1 Response to Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 67 – Megumi’s Confidence

  1. KrimzonStriker says:

    I actually have a bad feeling that Megumi’s calm state of mind is probably the wrong thing to go against Kurokiba. His whole mentality revolves around overpowering his opponent with impact. In a way he’s like a wilder version of Erina. What Megumi has obtained, to me at least, is consistency and belief in herself and her style, but in cutthroat competition, as we saw with Alice, you need to be able to kick your game up another gear. For drama’s sake alone I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up demolishing her, he’s the type of guy to go all out no matter the opponent from what I’ve seen. Hopefully we learn more about his back-story, he’s got the underground cooking competition street-fighter look all over him.

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