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Fairy Tail Chapter 381 – Mirajane VS Sayla

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Fairy Tail chapter 381 - Sayla VS Mirajane 1

That is one amazingly illustrated panel, I love the effect Sayla creates when she cast her curse

That was a great chapter. To get a flashback of Mirajane, Elfman and Lisanna and how they came about attaining the ability to use their respective Take Over magics, it was a pleasant surprise and a great addition to their character development, especially collectively as a family. And as with the nature of a family, when one member is in trouble, the others come to their aid. This was shown in the previous chapter when Mirajane destroyed Tartarus’s lab to aid Fairy Tail and in the climax of this chapter when Mirajane forced herself and her magic to Take Over Sayla’s macro ability and command Elfman to blindside Sayla with a ferocious attack and save his family. Seeing both Mirajane outsmart Sayla and Elfman redeem himself for his earlier actions, it was enjoyably satisfying.

Sayla really was impressive in this fight, being able to overwhelm Mirajane to such an extent, it goes without saying that so far she has been one of the most impressive demons in the Kyuukimon who were shown in battle against Fairy Tail. Mirajane could do nothing to repel the attacks Sayla directed towards her. And concerning Sayla’s attacks, I do love the design Mashima-sensei has given them; the demonic look she has and the scriptural writing surrounding her attacks (complimenting her macro ability), it really does make her character memorable.

Fairy Tail chapter 381 - Sayla VS Mirajane 2

Part of me really does wonder what Sayla’s ability would have looked like when it hits her target =P

The flashback detailing the time before Mirajane, Elfman and Lisanna joined Fairy Tail was a beautiful touch to the chapter, it established the origins of their Take Over magic and even conveyed the disdain Mirajane had held for her Demon Take Over magic due to how “inhuman” it made her feel. Thanks to Elfman, Lisanna and Fairy Tail, Mirajane was able to realise she had a home of her own (in Fairy Tail with her siblings) and begin to accept the ‘power’ she possessed.

Fairy Tail chapter 381 - Mirajane saved by her family

It was great seeing Elfman extend his hand towards Lisanna through the word he spoke

And as ironic as it is, the “curse” which Mirajane saw she possessed became the very power allowing her to protect that which she holds dear, her family. “Magic” allowed her to channel the strong emotions she held for her family into more power when she needed it, such was the case when she use Take Over on Sayla’s macro ability. Through her desire to protect her family and her family’s desire to protect her, she was able to save Elfman from Sayla’s control and have Elfman blindside Sayla and protect his family. And through his fist, Elfman was able to channel the love he has for his family and his strong desire to protect his sister. Just like how it was when he faced Bacchus, we are once again seeing the depths of his resolve with that weighted punched he brought down on Sayla.

Fairy Tail chapter 381 - Elfman blindsides Sayla

Even for Sayla, getting caught off guard and hit with such a physically heavy attack, even she would feel it…

I’m curious to see if Sayla is permanently knocked out or whether that blow from Elfman only temporarily winded and shocked Sayla. I honestly wouldn’t mind the fight being extended to showcase more of Sayla and Mirajane/Elfman. Having Sayla, who wields such an intriguing curse, be “finished” so soon would be deeply sad. Whatever happens though, the demons are getting defeated no matter what they throw at Fairy Tail, it seems Tartarus is greatly overestimating their abilities and/or underestimating Fairy Tail. Looking forward to the next chapter.

One thought on “Fairy Tail Chapter 381 – Mirajane VS Sayla

  1. A review on the Strength Model of Self Control (Baumeister et al 2011) suggested that Motivational or framing factors will directly affects the degredation of “self control”. Upon review of the background information of the two subjects, Mirajane and Sayla, it is quite clear which subject was more susceptible to self-regulatory degredation based on the values of presence of motivational support as well as its duration. However as the nature of subject Sayla can be described as demonic, we know her “self-control” muscle is strong but yet to be quantified. This can be a determining factor to how much longer she can withstand control by the other party.

    tl;dr mirajane has been controlling herself for much longer and have her motivational support with her closeby so she’s got the upper hand.


    Click to access Baumeister2007.pdf

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