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Naruto Chapter 673 – Naruto And Sasuke VS Madara

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Naruto chapter 673 - We Will - colour by the103orjagrat (http://the103orjagrat.deviantart.com)

The showdown of the manga has arrived! Two severed bonds are about to converge once again! – colour by 103orjagrat

What an epic chapter. After the past few chapters of having this fight built up so immensely, the culmination of those developments really did manifest in a sensational manner. Both Naruto and Sasuke in their ascended forms standing against Madara who has now absorbed the Shinju inside him, as Obito had previously done, thus becoming the new Juubi Jinchuuriki. What is interesting though is the voice Madara heard from the Shinju and the new powers Naruto and Sasuke possess. This final battle for the world really is shaping up to be one exciting climax of the manga.

Watching Madara get thrashed is always entertaining, especially if the one dishing out the beating is Naruto. Naruto’s utilisation of the different Bijuu chakra is incredibly impressive, being able to combine it with his Rasen Shuriken to create an immensely devastating attack – you have to admit, it was badass how that Yonton Rasen Shuriken sliced the Shinju tree. What I find intriguing is the fact that Naruto was able to dodge Madara’s limbo attack. I am not exactly sure how Naruto was able to do that but he seemed surprised himself, maybe it was the Bijuu inside him who sensed the danger and forced their chakra inside him to move him.

I find it interesting that the Shinju tree had conversed with Madara and suggested that Madara absorb it, wasn’t the Shinju trying to prevent such a thing from happening – having its chakra shared. I suppose it could have wanted to control Madara after it was absorbed. This may have happened with Kaguya in the past, once she obtained the chakra from consuming the Shinju fruit, that very chakra inside her ‘transformed’ her and twisted her.

Naruto chapter 673 - Madara the Juubi Jinchuuriki

Are remnants of Kaguya’s chakra within the Shinju?

I’m not exactly sure if the Byakugan came from consuming the Shinju fruit or whether Kaguya already had that kekkei genkai prior, but what is certain is that she obtained the ability to use a Sharingan through a third eye after eating the fruit. The Juubi/Shinju hasn’t been shown so far to have anything to do with the Byakugan. Hopefully we get some more information of Kaguya in Naruto before it ends or have a spin-off manga focusing on Kaguya in the past and why exactly she chose to leave the land she came from in search of the Shinju fruit – were wars being waged in the lands she was born in as well? Also with the image of Kaguya’s eyes and third eye being focused on after Madara absorbs the Shinju tree, I wonder if some of Kaguya’s chakra was present in the Shinju as well – was she absorbed in the past?

Obito’s final request, I can’t help but think that it has something to do with the Rinnegan he has in his eye, especially with him asking Sakura, who is one of the most talented medical shinobi in the manga. If so, what exactly does he have planned for it – for her to implant it into Sasuke or to destroy it?

Madara may be immortal, but the very chakra allowing him to remain so is composed of the nine Bijuu, which we know can be separated from their host (Obito). I still don’t get why Madara is boasting so much about having Hashirama’s Senjutsu, the fact that he only has a limited amount compared to Naruto who can generate a limitless amount of natural chakra through his Sage Mode should be expressive enough for Madara to understand that he is at a disadvantage in that area. Well unless I am missing something and Madara is able to use Sage Mode to generate natural chakra…

Naruto chapter 673 - Naruto and Sasuke

What exactly are Sasuke and Naruto capable of now…

As for Sasuke awakening the Rinnegan, Madara is only half right, he has awakened the Sharigan Kaguya had in her third eye when she ate the Shinju fruit. I suppose Madara is not aware of such a Sharingan because he never seen Kaguya and wouldn’t know of the exact abilities she possessed. Either way it is going to be incredibly exciting to see Naruto and Sasuke ‘straighten’ the path Kaguya and Hagoromo set-out on when they intended for their actions to lead towards peace. With an Uchiha and a Senju related descendant working together, the first step towards that goal of balance and unification Kaguya and Hagoromo envisioned has been made – the once severed bonds Ashura and Indra shared are now converging together. I really am looking forward to the next chapter.

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