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Naruto Chapter 673 – Naruto And Sasuke VS Madara

Naruto chapter 673 - We Will - colour by the103orjagrat (http://the103orjagrat.deviantart.com)

The showdown of the manga has arrived! Two severed bonds are about to converge once again! – colour by 103orjagrat

What an epic chapter. After the past few chapters of having this fight built up so immensely, the culmination of those developments really did manifest in a sensational manner. Both Naruto and Sasuke in their ascended forms standing against Madara who has now absorbed the Shinju inside him, as Obito had previously done, thus becoming the new Juubi Jinchuuriki. What is interesting though is the voice Madara heard from the Shinju and the new powers Naruto and Sasuke possess. This final battle for the world really is shaping up to be one exciting climax of the manga.

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