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Bleach Chapter 577 – Nozarashi Unleased

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Bleach chapter 577 - Kenpachi enthralled

Well dam, you just unleashed the beast Gremmy…

I did say last week that I had wanted Zaraki to quickly dispatch of the meteorite followed by Gremmy, but after seeing how beautifully Kubo-sensei highlighted Zaraki, I don’t freaking mind that it took one whole chapter just to get Zaraki to demolish that meteorite! The sheer audacity Zaraki has to challenge a meteorite of such a massive size, and to do dispose of it in such an effortless fashion, I couldn’t help but be satisfied at how badass Zaraki (and Nozarashi) is.

I wasn’t expecting the meteorite to be much but I’ll hand it to Kubo-sensei, with him having other relevant characters tremble at the sight of Gremmy bringing down a meteorite right on top of Seireitei, my perception of the danger posed to everyone changed completely. Hell seeing the Sternritter panic to protect Yhwach made the fact that Zaraki remained unphased at the appearance of the meteorite and in fact excited even more satisfying.

Zaraki was right, with Gremmy trying to bring about such a definite and ultimate result, he was clearly running out of ideas as to how to handle Zaraki and defeat him. Zaraki on the other hand challenged that meteorite, which induced fear in many minds, head on and with a straight up slash…One slash and that massive rock was demolished. Gremmy’s shock/horror expression was beautiful, let’s hope he realises he is outmatched and keels over in the next chapter.

Bleach chapter 577 - Nozarashi released

Finally, the zanpakutou of Zaraki, Nozarashi, is released and what an immense appearance it has taken…

The flashback of Zaraki and Yachiru’s meeting was a nice touch, it added a slight emotional element to the chapter to help compliment and push forward the overwhelming abilities of Zaraki Kenpachi. Having the chapter end with Nozarashi released was cool, it may have been a short chapter in terms of content, but I was satisfied right through. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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