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Naruto Chapter 672 – The Crimson Blaze Of Guy

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Naruto chapter 672 - The Crimson Blaze of Guy

Imbuing every essence of life within his final attack, Guy unleashes!

Through the expressions of a man’s will, resolve, conviction, and youth, the form of a man takes on substance and through the ever-increasing resounding call of death, the “blaze” of a man is ignited. In these final moments of life rapidly fleeting away like the setting of the sun, Guy forsakes his very form and unleashes himself completely, putting every essence of life, spirit and youth into an attack representative of everything that he is.

Guy made me shed tears, the crimson blaze he ignited into brought with it such passion and overwhelming emotion. The focus in the previous two chapters on the importance and significance Naruto and Sasuke have in the overall Naruto story only added to the intense and necessary role Guy was serving in holding off Madara and actually overwhelming him near the end.

The flashback as well with Kakashi’s father recognising Guy’s talents and Kakashi recognising Guy’s abilities in the present, it all added to the satisfying and moving nature of Guy utilising his very life to combat Madara. Guy may not have won, but it was utterly beautiful seeing his crimson flame blaze so brightly.

In the end, his body heat reached such a point that his very flesh and bones started turning into ash as the chakra inside his heart began to fade. Madara had intended to finish Guy off to show his gratitude of having entertained him, but Naruto like the hero he is arrived right at the last second and deflected the attack back at Madara as well as restoring the chakra inside Guy’s heart and saving him or at least prolonging his life for a bit longer.

It was fantastic seeing Naruto in such a calm and centered state, especially with those Senjutsu eyes. Really looking forward to the next chapter!

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