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Bleach Chapter 576 – Twisted Excitement II

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Bleach chapter 576 - Zaraki overwhelming Gremmy

Gremmy still hasn’t realised how much of beast Zaraki really is…

I love Zaraki, but Gremmy is just not cutting the mustard for me, I seriously find myself losing interest in this fight the longer it goes on, especially since this battle is one in which Zaraki shines and Gremmy loses (Gremmy being annoying with his cockiness doesn’t help at all). Hopefully though there is some twist that I won’t be expecting coming up. The mystery of Zaraki’s zanpakutou though is extremely interesting, especially with him invoking its name at the end of this chapter. Zaraki vs Gremmy’s meteorite should be exciting, but hopefully after he deals with it, he quickly dispatches Gremmy as he has already passed his expiration date as an interesting character.

It is so satisfying seeing Zaraki rip to shreds all the objects Gremmy can manifest with his imagination in such brutal fashion and even force Gremmy so much on the back foot. Gremmy has always perceived himself as being the ultimate, so seeing him so frazzled and charred in doubt illustrates just how much of a monster Zaraki is. Unohana saw it the moment she gazed into his eyes and felt his blade, that the title of Kenpachi was meant for Zaraki, and it now seems about time that Gremmy learn of the true madness of the world.

Sad that Zaraki did show Gremmy some pity to amp up the fight again, as I wouldn’t have minded it ending there. But I suppose with a more dramatic situation now created thanks that show of pity, a more memorable finish will result.

It is strange that after exchanging blows with Zaraki so many times, Gremmy hasn’t learned, whatever he imagines and manifest, Zaraki will without fail cut it down. And reason for that is because Zaraki has been containing himself this whole time just so the fight could be a challenge. Once Gremmy learns of the extent Zaraki has been shackling himself and his power, he will tremble at the fact of how endless and limitless Zaraki’s terror goes. Gremmy could triple of quadruple his power and even call down the moon, Zaraki will still end up slicing it into pieces.

Ah, I am enthusiastically awaiting the moment in which Zaraki is able to defeat Gremmy and move onto more challenging foes. Looking forward to the next chapter and finally seeing Zaraki’s zanpakutou.

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