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Spring Anime Season 2014 Line-Up


Spring Anime Preview 2014 v3.0 - by Neregate

Spring Anime Preview for 2014 by Neregate

So excited for the Spring season this year, there are many anime which I have been looking forward to watching airing this season.

Anime I am definitely going to watch:

>>Blade and Soul: it is based on the Korean MMORPG which has a Western release by NCSoft in the works which I am REALLY looking forward. The sharp, beautiful and stunning look of the game definitely does appeal to me, so too does the martial arts and oriental feel. Anyway, the characters relevant in the story of the game campaign are used to tell the story for this anime. I am not exactly sure if the story of the anime is same as the game, not that I actually know much of the games story at this point, but I assume it is something related to the game but largely original.

Here is the preview:

>>Mushishi: Zoku-Shou: without a doubt the series I am most excited for this season, especially since the first season is one of my favourite anime series I am watched. The first season was beautiful, full of emotion and compelling content that lingers in your mind and soul long after you finish watching the series. I may just end up watching the first season again before getting into the second season just so I am prepare myself to fully enjoy the gem of an anime. Preview

>>Fairy Tail: I love Fairy Tail, it may not have the most comprehensive writing for a manga, but what it does have oozing out of everything pore of its essence is heart. And because Fairy Tail moves me so much, I find myself seriously enjoying both reading the manga and watching the anime.

The anime itself is a magnificent partner to the manga in that it compliments so amazingly well how the characters and their interactions are highlighted. The character’s nature and personality becomes more apparent when backed by their passionate voice actors/actresses and when things play out in animated format you find yourself engrossed and immersed in Fairy Tail. The humour soars given the deeper character interactions and with the addition of the incredible soundtrack by Yasuharu Takanashi, the overall experience of Fairy Tail is just magical.

>>Captain Earth: a story about a boy and a mysterious mecha AND by Studio Bones? Ah, flashes of Eureka Seven just started flowing through my mind. I enjoyed Eureka Seven immensely and from the anime by Studio BONES I have watched, I can’t help but be excited about this series. Preview

>>Haikyuu: Production I.G handled Kuroko no Basuke amazingly and seeing how Haikyuu is also a shounen sports manga, I find myself excited to see what Production I.G can do with a volleyball sports manga. The preview looks great, so I am looking forward to the anime.

>>Broken Blade: I have read around 20 or so chapters of the manga and I was impressed by what I read, especially the way the characters are handled. I am aware that this is a recompiled version of the six Break Blade films which were released during 2010-2011, but seeing as how I haven’t watched those films yet, these episode (12 scheduled) will be a good way to watch the series. Preview

>>Black Bullet: the synopsis does intrigue me, especially with the setting the story seems set within. The preview pretty much had me sold, it seems like quite the action-packed series full of excitement.

>>Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun: now I am a big fan of Shunya Yamashita, whom was the original character designer of the characters in this and since 2009 there was news that he would be involved in an anime, so I have been looking forward to this since way back then. To think that it is finally airing this season, I am excited!

>>Sidonia no Kishi: a story about humanity’s survival against aliens who have already destroyed the Earth’s solar system, sounds exciting, count me in! The preview was quite awesome, it definitely did get me more excited.

>>Escha & Logy no Atelier: Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi: I initially wasn’t very interested in this series, but after watching the trailer I found myself quite captured by its endearing nature that began pulling away at the strings of my heart. I enjoyed that trailer very much and am going to give this series a try.

>>Mekaku City Actors: stories like this aren’t so bad, seeing people grow and move forward with life. SHAFT is producing the series, so that is major plus points there. Preview

>>M3 ~Sono Kuroki Hagane~: if that synopsis took you on a trip as well raise your hand, but seriously, I am intrigued, it sounds like a really deep story. The preview was great as well:

>>Monogatari Series Second Season -Hanamonogatari-: I have yet to watch the second season, but I loved the first season, the creative and unique way SHAFT handled it was exceptional, so I am looking forward to this. The series is focused on Suruga Kanbaru who is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, so I am excited!



2 thoughts on “Spring Anime Season 2014 Line-Up

  1. No Gundam Unicorn on your list? For shame :p

    • =P. I was pressed on time so I only covered my series watch list. Regarding the OVAs and specials, definitely am going to watch Gundam Unicorn. Only watched episode 1 so far, but will marathon them all when the 7th episode release =D.

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