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Fairy Tail Chapter 379 – The End Of The Beginning

Fairy Tail chapter 379 - Hades's warning

Tartarus’s “true goal”, beyond meeting Zeref, what is it?

Overconfident and arrogantly prideful, the demons of Tartarus get a lesson in putting ‘the cart before the horse’. With Face destroyed a crucial step in their plans hoping to accomplish a goal yet largely unknown (except for wanting to meet Zeref) has been set back, forcing them now to reevaluate the process they adopt and wonder why exactly it all went wrong. The significance of E.N.D. and the lack of presence he has currently had in this arc raises some interesting questions and makes one wonder who s/he really is =/. The comment by Hades about Tartartus’s plan only beginning only adds to the veiled nature of both Tartarus and E.N.D.

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