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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 72 – Helbram’s True Form

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Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 72 - King and Helbram

The mystery surrounding the relationship between these two is finally starting to be revealed

Ever since King and Helbram encountered each other in Byzel, I have been wondering what the relationship between those two actually was, especially for King not to go serious against Helbram back in Byzel, but it turns out that they have an incredibly deep past extending way back to an incident 700 years ago where King made a promise to Helbram. Now I have begun to wonder what exactly that promise was. I honestly was not expecting this from Helbram as I didn’t really peg him as being a much of a major character but it turns out he is more important to the plot than I had initially surmised.

You have got to feel for King, not only has he been haunted by his inability to save his sister, Elaine, but it turns out there was an incident 700 years which he too is being haunted by. Now on top of all that, he arrives to find the girl he loves on the brink of death, those wounds from the past opened up once again and the realisation of his lack of ability to protect those precious to him has begun to dig deep inside his core once again. But through that anger he feels concerning his inabilities, he was able to direct some of that towards his anger for Helbram for causing Diane such pain.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 72 - King goes on the offensive

How dangerous it can be when you piss a fairy off…

It was satisfying seeing King unleash on Helbram and watch Helbram desperately go on the defensive to avoid sustaining any major damage. A pillow in the form of a teddy bear and a spear, what an interesting combination to go on the offensive with, but entertaining nonetheless, especially when seeing King remotely control the two with one hand. I wonder if those Holy Knights linked to Helbram suffered damage as well =/.

I was not expecting Helbram and King to have such a deep history, for the promise made between the two to extend way back 700 years ago. And to top it all off I was shocked by Helbram’s “true” form, I really did not see that coming. With those wings Helbram has and that ‘fairy-like’ appearance, it could be that Helbram is a fairy like King but one twisted and corrupted due to some past unfortunate circumstances. Also this could mean that King himself in not in his true/original form and thus has his powers limited.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 72 - Helbram's true form

Well ain’t that a shocker…so this is Helbram’s original form…

On a side note I had the thought of Helbram being related to King through blood tugging away at the back of my mind while reading the chapter. I wonder if Helbram is King’s brother or whether he is totally unrelated blood-wise to King. Either way, a serious battle just erupted and this arc has just risen another level in intensity. Looking forward to the next chapter.

One thought on “Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 72 – Helbram’s True Form

  1. Well, since their encounter in Brizel I thought Helbram could be a fairy (he knew King’s real name and called him “old friend”) and therefore that he would have a real younger form, so the chapter wasn’t a big shock. But the battle was wonderful and the promise thing open several paths to explore King and Helbram’s past. And I cried when King showed his helplessness to save his loved ones. Poor King T.T

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