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Naruto Chapter 671 – The Fate Of The Future

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Naruto chapter 671 - color spread

The pieces of Naruto are finally falling into place, where will these two lead the future to?

What a fantastic chapter following the previous great chapter. With the information we have learned from Hagoromo all the elements in Naruto that seemed out of place and disjointed are finally coming together into a story that is pushing themes that are relevant to life and decisions. The fates Naruto and Sasuke bear have finally come to light and through them and their decisions, a new path into the future can be forged. Everything both Naruto and Sasuke had to live through in the previous 670 chapters all set-up the place they find themselves in right now. With the future being entrusted to the two of them, it is going to be really interesting and exciting to see where they help guide it.

We all knew that Naruto was deeply connected with the Sage of the Six Paths, but we now know that the part of Naruto that formed such a strong bond with the heart of ninjutsu and the shinobi as a whole was the chakra of Ashura that has been inherited by Naruto. The same can be said for Sasuke and the chakra of Indra he inherited. The long war began with those two and the differences in beliefs they each held, now with Naruto and Sasuke carrying that weight, a new path will be revealed.

It may have been destiny that Naruto and Sasuke met and became friends, and the deep friendship they once held for each other can be explained by the strong connection Ashura and Indra had with each other – being brothers. Just like Ashura must have felt when Indra challenged him, Naruto had wanted to save Sasuke when he had lost his way. It may not have made much sense for why Naruto would try so hard to save Sasuke, but with the knowledge of Naruto and Sasuke being connected through Ashura and Indra’s spirits, Naruto’s attitude and decisions make much more sense.

I have been wondering why Hagoromo left only the Uchiha clan the stone monument detailing the history of the world, but it was actually Indra that had left behind the information. Indra had hoped for a time when his and Ashura’s chakra would be fused in one vessel, and in order to create such a situation and in preparation for that time, he and his successors recorded the knowledge they had acquired on Hagoromo’s stone monument. The meaning was lost through the ages, but Madara ultimately succeeded in fusing both Indra’s and Ashura’s chakra into his being, thereby becoming a being close to the existence of Hagoromo.

It is deeply sorrowful that Hagoromo had to watch his sons and their successors fight each other for some many years, the fact that he continued to believe and endured the continuation of war after each of the successors failed to change the flow of the world is extremely admirable and moving. It was a great gesture by Naruto when he thanked Hagoromo for continuing to believe in them.

Naruto chapter 671 - Kaguya's jutsu

So it was Kaguya who created such a jutsu…

Kaguya, so she represented the overall belief the Uchiha held, attaining power in one place and ruling over the rest. It may have stopped the troubled times when she exercised such an approach, but it gave birth to new troubles in the form of fear and apprehension. Such fears developed into more conflicts and wars. Hagoromo does note that the extreme power Kaguya held drove her mad, the same thing that is happening with Madara. The illusion of being ‘God’ does taint ones perspective and when faced with problems that require delicate solutions, such twisted perspectives may not be the appropriate response. Separating that power equally over the lives concerned does help to ensure that a more appropriate response is reached. It is comparable to the Monarch system and the parliamentary system, the shift away from Kings and Queens holding power to it being held by governments elected by the people does help express how separating power can be beneficial to people.

I had suspected that Hagoromo’s brother had the Byakugan, and I was wondering if Kaguya’s white eyes did mean she was the source of the Byakugan, and it seems that is the case. The Sharingan and Byakugan really are connected and it seems that through Hagoromo’s brother, the Byakugan was passed downed the years.

Naruto chapter 671 - the nine tailed beasts

They really were charmed by Naruto, but when faced with someone so genuine and warm, it is hard not to want to be friends with them

The nine Bijuu appearing was great, I love how each of them accept Naruto as the inheritor of Ninshuu and the child of prophecy, the one to help change and guide the world. Naruto’s response to Hagoromo’s question of what he wants to do after the battle was so Naruto-like, it is a simple and sincere answer, but that is exactly what makes it such a great answer. Rather than something complex and susceptible to corruption, Naruto keeps the reasons for why he fights pure, deep and simple – to protect those he cares for. When it comes from someone who struggled to be accepted and always wanted to be acknowledged, such a naive answers becomes a strong expression of conviction.

Having Sasuke brought into the developments was great, so while Hagoromo was talking with Naruto, he was also talking with Sasuke. Sasuke, being a changed man thanks Itachi, is finally ready to understand and accept the severity his life has in the future of the world, and it does appear that he is ready to end the long war that has seemingly been pointlessly continued for so many generations. With the future of the world entrusted to those two, it does set-up the next chapter as being an incredibly relevant one within the story of Naruto. I am very much looking forward to it.

Naruto chapter 671 - Naruto and Sasuke - color by DEOHVI (http://deohvi.deviantart.com)

Naruto and Sasuke, the future entrusted to them – color by DEOHVI

We will also see the conclusion of the Madara and Guy battle, which should be extremely exciting as Guy is surpassing all the expectations I had of him and giving Madara a serious run for his money. I can’t wait for Guy to unleash his “Night Guy”! Great chapter and I can’t wait for the next issue.

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