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Bleach Chapter 575 – Twisted Excitement

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Bleach chapter 575 - Zaraki excited

Oh Zaraki, what can’t you do?

Gremmy finally opened his eyes fully! And man does he look demonic, especially with that unnerving smile he wears. The more this fight progresses, the more I am feeling that this could in fact be the real Zaraki as opposed to the manifestation of  Yachiru’s imagination after her zanpakutou ‘copied’ Gremmy’s ability =/. Zaraki attitude and the fight he is bringing to Gremmy is so very Zaraki that it makes it hard to believe that it could not be the real him there. Well whatever the case is, hopefully Zaraki manages to silence Gremmy and destroy everything and anything Gremmy is capable of imagining to oppose Zaraki.

So the Sternritter have such high hopes and fear for Gremmy, interesting. We may not know the extent of Gremmy’s imagination, but they certainly are unaware of the extreme monster Zaraki actually is. Save for Ichigo (and the final boss), there is nothing Zaraki would be unable to defeat. Still I am curious to see the origins behind the Sternritter’s fear for Gremmy, just what is Gremmy capable of imagining?

Bleach chapter 575 - Gremmy on edge

How scary…yet Gremmy is facing a totally different sort of beast, one totally disconnected from the rules of reality or imagination…

Got to love the Zaraki taunts, he told it to Gremmy straight and assaulted the very depths of Gremmy’s mind twisting Gremmy’s psychotic state awake. With Gremmy not completely engrossed in crushing Zaraki, it is going to be even sweeter watching Zaraki instead lay waste to everything Gremmy can imagine – just like those bullets and missles Gremmy sent flying Zaraki’s way.

Zaraki made an interesting comment at the end regarding his zanpakutou being made happy thanks to Gremmy. Does this mean that Zaraki was finally able to communicate with his zanpakutou? The fact that he mentions this makes me believe that this is the real Zaraki rather than a manifestation of Yachiru’s imagination =/. Well whatever the case, it will be extremely exciting to finally see Zaraki’s zanpakutou unleashed. How much more powerful can Zaraki actually get? And how will the Sternritter react to the “true nature” of Zaraki. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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