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One Piece Chapter 743 – And It Collapses…

The house of cards Doflamingo has meticulously built over the course of ten years has finally collapsed with the removal of one key card in the house, the card known as Sugar, and he has none other than the secret … Continue reading

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Naruto Chapter 671 – The Fate Of The Future

What a fantastic chapter following the previous great chapter. With the information we have learned from Hagoromo all the elements in Naruto that seemed out of place and disjointed are finally coming together into a story that is pushing themes … Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 575 – Twisted Excitement

Gremmy finally opened his eyes fully! And man does he look demonic, especially with that unnerving smile he wears. The more this fight progresses, the more I am feeling that this could in fact be the real Zaraki as opposed … Continue reading

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