Fairy Tail Special – She’s Erza! (Pride For Ones Guild)

Fairy Tail chapter 377b Special - color spread - cleaning by Ulquiorra90 (http://ulquiorra90.deviantart.com)

The noble and loving Erza Scarlet – cleaning by Ulquiorra90

What a cute and unique way Erza has of handling situations. Even though she may appear cold and brutal when being strict, it comes off in such a loving and embracing way that you can’t help but admire the way she tackles problems. Even in situations where Erza handles it in such absurd and unorthodox ways, the sincere and natural smile she wears makes you accept her strangeness as being one of her charming points. Erza truly is a unique and radiantly memorable character.

Erza’s approach to playing pool defies ordinary sensibilities and strains any operation of logic to the point that it becomes something entirely removed from its natural composition. Yet it becomes something so much more thrilling, exciting, zany and Fairy Tail. Shattering pool balls with her shot while wearing a bunny suit and following that up with deflecting bullets from the an enemy all the while directing them towards the pool table ultimately leading Erza to sinking all nine pool balls. It was insane to the point of being amusing and satisfying. Whether it was intentional or not by Erza, she managed to perform an impossible feat in the game of pool, all the while not using a pool stick.

Fairy Tail chapter 377b Special - Erza confronts Moulin Rouge

Guess Moulin Rouge didn’t think about the possible repercussions of pretending to be a Fairy Tail mage

Moulin Rouge, what an interesting development, to have a seemingly important character introduced in a chapter special. I wonder if Moulin Rouge’s role in the Fairy Tail story will end up extending beyond the chapter special and into the main story of Fairy Tail at some point. The way Mashima-sensei set things up, the possibility is certainly open, especially with Erza stating that if Moulin needs work, she is free to visit Fairy Tail.

Moulin has an interesting design with her punk-look and her personality so far is well ranged, with the potential of expanding with further developments. I have to say that Moulin does have some quick hands, for her to be able to steal something from Erza, although I am not exactly sure how she managed to steal that specific piece of clothing, but in the world of magic, I suppose anything really is possible.

Fairy Tail chapter 377b Special - Erza reaching out to Moulin

Erza really is awesome, love how she reached out to Moulin in the end

Nice conclusion to the special, Erza was able to get Moulin to stop tarnishing Fairy Tail’s name by her lies and questionable actions and even open up a path for her to walk done towards that doesn’t even criminal actions. The way Erza reached out to Moulin with her words after teaching Moulin a lesson of what it means to be in a guild was really cool, what a heartwarming lesson Moulin was taught.

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