Fairy Tail Side Story – Natsu and Asuka (Parent’s Memento)

Fairy Tail chapter 378b Side Story - cleaning by Ulquiorra90 (http://ulquiorra90.deviantart.com)

Natsu, Asuka, Happy and Lucy – cleaning by Ulquiorra90

How cute it was to see Asuka determined to get the memento her parents sold in the past to pay for her medical prescription fees back. Those past seven years when the main group of Fairy Tail were frozen in time sure must have been hard for the rest of the mages left in the guild, they had to endure through some tough circumstances and make some really difficult decisions. It’s great having some focus on those characters who don’t normally get to shine within the general Fairy Tail story, it helps flesh them out quite some bit.

Fascinating to see how good Natsu is with children. He may be hot-heated and overly passionate about certain things but at times he can have he delicate side and the flame imbued in his words and actions can warm a person’s heart. Amusing how he constantly complained about being bossed around by Asuka but ultimately still enjoyed it, well maybe not that kiss he exchanged with Happy – Asuka sure is a mischievous girl =P.

Fairy Tail chapter 378b Side Story - Asuka returns her parent's memento

What a good girl Asuka

It was great to get some coverage on Asuka whom we hardly had focus on in the story after the Tenrou Jima Arc. With her going out of her way to help get back something special to her parents and the way in which she does it does highlight her character in sincerely touching way. And Asuka sure does have an incredible level of coordination and accuracy when it comes to shooting – just like her parents.

Another interesting development to come from this side story was Moulin Rouge making an appearance as the character who buys the snow glob lacrima from Alzack when he pawns it. I wonder if that means Moulin is working at the pawn shop or whether she sold it there after buying it from Alzack =/. Either way, her focus in the special and side story Fairy Tail chapters does make one curious as to whether she will become relevant to the Fairy Tail story at some point, I certainly wouldn’t mind.

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