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Fairy Tail Chapter 377-378 – The Dance Of The Heavenly Dragon

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Fairy Tail chapter 377 - color spread - cleaning by Ulquiorra90 (http://ulquiorra90.deviantart.com)

Together, with a step at a time, we will continue into the future – cleaning by Ulquiorra90

Enveloped and embraced, the intangible touch of wind resonates through the air empowering one towards a state of overwhelming freedom. And like the enchanting flow of wind with its powerful and gentle disposition, Wendy soars. And carried by the wings of wind, she dances.

The battle between Wendy and Ezel was sensational, the amount of resolve behind Wendy’s eyes and her attacks in this battle was incredible. To think, the Wendy now used to be such a reserved and hesitant girl, none of that is apparent in her self now in these chapters, and I find that really amazing.

Fairy Tail chapter 377 - Wendy pushes herself onward

Pushing herself beyond her limits, Wendy unleashes alongside the wind

The way Wendy was highlighted this battle illustrated exactly how much she has grown and changed during her time with Fairy Tail, she is no more the scared helpless girl she was in the past. Right now Wendy has the determination and power to protect the guild she is so grateful towards. The same with Carla, she has become attached to the guild she was initially indifferent towards and alongside Wendy, didn’t mind pushing herself and even sacrificing herself if it meant protecting the guild she now loves. The two of them truly shone radiantly in this battle.

Fairy Tail chapter 377 - Wendy overwhelms Ezel

Overwhelming Ezel and destroying the form of Face, Wendy gives it her all

It was an intense and exciting moment seeing Wendy overcome Ezel and his curse as she races against time to stop Face only to find out in the end that Face didn’t stop even with it being destroyed. Carla really stepped up to the plate, with everyone on Fairy Tail relying on those two, she was able to use her foresight ability to search for a way to stop Face and through the countless futures she searched, she found one where Face was stopped. To change the output of energy into another form which produces a self-destruct magic circle so that all of the magic gathered thus far would be redirected from erasing all magic to destructively exploding.

Fairy Tail chapter 378 - Wendy and Carla - collaboration by i-azu and Tremblax

‘Because you were always with me’ – collaboration by i-azu and Tremblax

It was great to see Wendy stick with Carla and the two reflecting back on the time they have spent together, grateful of the fact that they were able to meet and become friends. Seeing the two of them smile as they activate the self-destruct mode of Face hoping that they would be able to meet and become friends in their next life was moving. I seriously was on edge wondering what exactly would happen to the two of them with the Face self-destructing, would they die or would they survive in some miraculous way? And it turns out that that miracle came in the form of Mest who managed to teleport the two of them outside the range of Face’s explosion along with himself.

Wendy and Carla really did accomplish a lot by themselves, taking on one of the Tartarus Kyuukimon members and even managing to stop Face from erasing all magic within the continent. Because of them Fairy Tail and the rest of the mages within the continent have a chance at stopping Tartarus. I am very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how Tartarus reacts to the destruction of Face. Everything they have planned has now gone out the window, looks like they may have to do things the old-fashion way now, which is take the world they desire by force.


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