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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 71 – The Shadow Within The Nightmare


Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 71 - Gowther's surprise

Hmmm, what is going on inside Dreyfus’s mind?

What exactly did Gowther see inside Dreyfus? What was that shadow? Does this mean that Dreyfus has been manipulated by a darker power all this time? Ah, so many questions with so little answers being given this chapter, yet the intensity turned up at the end with Helbram grossly wounding Diane and King arriving to stop him from dealing the finishing blow. Hopefully Diane will survive, but I wonder if this will cause King to go over the edge and get serious with Helbram unlike their previous encounter, especially considering that Helbram is a cunning opponent with a dangerous ability.

That presence which Gowther seen, I really am curious to find out what it was and what it has done with Gowther after he practically broke Dreyfus. The only logical conclusion I can come up with is that the presence is some sort of darkness that has been manipulating Dreyfus all this time. Hendricksen most likely has something to do with this, maybe he played Dreyfus while he was in a [mentally] vulnerable position in the past.  The fact that Dreyfus was forced to retreat does imply that Gowther had successfully done something mentally to Dreyfus.

With Dreyfus and Gilthunder retreating, Helbram takes charge and utilises the many abilities he has available thanks to his “Link” ability to take down Hauser and Guila. Diane, Zeal and Jericho end up getting dragged into it, but thankfully for Diane’s fortitude, she was able to interrupt Helbram and get an attack off. Sadly though, the villain was far from finished and pierced Diane with his Iceburg ability…ah I really hope after everything Diane has taken that she doesn’t end up dying.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 71 -  King arrives

You better kick ass and take names, King! And save Diane!

King finally appears to stop Helbram’s attack from finishing off Diane, but with the sight of Diane in a state bordering death, I really doubt King is going to hold back against Helbram this time. The two may have a past, but Diane is important to King and her being injured so badly definitely won’t sit well with him. We may finally get to see King unleash in the next chapter against Helbram. Looking forward to it!

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 71 -  Call of Inferno effects

What a dangerous power, for it to react like a poison smoke and force the person caught up in it to cough up blood…

With Jericho unconscious, yet being dragged into the fight with Helbram’s “death” power – “Call of Inferno”, I hope once she awakens she realises how insignificant she was in the eyes of Helbram and Hendricksen, and does make the smart choice to change sides like Guila and fight for what she herself believes is “right”. I’m really looking forward to how this thrilling arc is going to conclude.

2 thoughts on “Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 71 – The Shadow Within The Nightmare

  1. Wow, good review. Really covers my opinion about the chapter.

    I really hope King kicks Hellbram’s ass next chapter because the old bastard has deserved it since many chapters ago and I’m done with him. On the other side I don’t think Jericho will change sides. She is obsesed with glory and she was surprised after Guila’s defection.

    I mean, Jericho was the first to suspect about Dawn Roar’s misterious task, she saw the mutant Holy Knight, she probably asked Guila about the necklace and she has been Helbram’s true face the same as Guila and still she didn’t know why Guila was defecting!

    I think, though, Guilthunder can change sides soon. Something as he leaves Dreyfus resting in his room and he hears him sleeptalking about Zaratras’s murder. His face would be epic XDD If we don’t see that at least I want learn something about the shadow and what happened with Gowther. Chao!

    • Yeah you are right about Jericho, she is obsessed with glory to the point that she is blind to the extreme suspicious circumstances surrounding Helbram and the New Generation of Holy Knights.

      I just blindly hoped that she would have a change of priorities because she is a victim in all of Hendricksen’s deranged “Holy War” obsession. But I guess Jericho will first have to overcome her demons before she worries about the demons in other people. I am interested in how her story develops and how deeply her past is haunting her though.

      Looking forward to seeing how the fight between Arthur and Hendricksen is developing and I do wonder if the demon clan will become relevant antagonist in the story at this point or whether Nakaba-sensei will hold them off for a later story arc.

      Also thanks for the comment =D.

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