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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 69-70 – Gowther’s Nightmare Symphony

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Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 70 - Gowther prepares to face Dreyfus

Mind invasion abilities sure are dangerous…

So the emotionless Deadly Sin has finally revealed the terror that his abilities embody…to invade a person’s mind and literally destroy a person mentally, what a fearsome and shocking ability. The power of illusion, yet what Gowther utilises are the strongest illusions of all, the truth a person tries desperately to hide away from and reject. That piercing darkness within each person’s heart has the potential to eat them mentally when confronted by Gowther and his ability. Dreyfus felt that first-hand and is currently in a state of despair and trauma.

I am loving the coverage Gowther is getting these past two chapters. I was initially worried that Gowther may not compare in terms of likability against the other Deadly Sins as he has such an emotionless personality and has such an unusual way of doing things. But I was completely wrong. The very thing I was worried about is the main reason for why his character is so interesting. Gowther’s unique way of handling the situation being unaffected by any emotion and instead following through with what needs to be done does differentiate him from the other Deadly Sins and allows for a completely different approach to fleshing out his character. Rather then directly fleshing Gowther out, Nakaba-sensei instead utilises the encounter Gowther has with other people and his reaction to them to indirectly flesh out who Gowther is as a character. Through the interactions Gowther has with other character, be it with the addition of his ability as well, we slowly begin to understand how exactly Gowther is seeing the world and who he is as a character.

We already know Gowther doesn’t like inefficiency and instead leans on the side of having situations dealt with in the most efficient and effective way. Gowther’s encounter with Threader was no different, rather than oppose the man, which he could have easily done, he used his ability to search for a point in Threader’s memories which would allow him to convince Threader that them fighting is meaningless and a waste of energy. Forcing Threader to acknowledge the suspicious activities surrounding the Holy Knights and the lack of the King’s presence in the public did eventually pierce through to Threader convincing him that not everything is what it seems.  With Threader aware of the Holy Knights playing him, how exactly will he respond and what will he do?

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 69 - Gowther saves Guila

Gowther saves Guila, I wonder if he will tell her about her father and how he changed from the demon blood

I do feel sad that Jericho is immobilized due to suffering too much damage, but at least she is not dead. Hopefully she won’t hold it against Guila (was translated as Geera prior to chapter) for attacking her and understand that there was reason for her actions, hopefully…I really don’t want Jericho to be another victim and Hendericksen and Helbram’s lies. Jericho is an interesting character with a potentially interesting past.

Having the mindset of Dreyfus highlighted this chapter through the conversation with Hendricksen regarding the purpose of the Holy Knights, the meeting with his son and being asked by his son if he is stronger than his brother, Zaratras, to eventually feeling the desire to want to defeat his older brother and take his place as the Great Holy Knight, it was incredibly interesting and relevant. You can finally see what made the man fall of the edge and commit such a heinous crime, that of killing his own brother and falsely implicating the Seven Deadly Sins, the King’s personal Knight Order, for the crime. To create a purpose for himself and the Holy Knights as a whole, Dreyfus had considered or been made to consider that he could very well start the Holy War himself by creating some “enemies”.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 70 - Dreyfus's nightmare

His mind is breaking…

Another interesting point to note is that Dreyfus feels a ton of remorse and regret for killing his own brother and stealing his position. Even within the crazed illusion of Gowther’s nightmare, I am sure the reactions by the character were at the very least true, well I would like to believe that Dreyfus being crushed by the sin he has committed is at least a sign that he regrets what he had done to an extent.

With Dreyfus in such a fragile and vulnerable state, what exactly does Gowther plan to do now? Will the fight even being a fight or will it end with Dreyfus becoming mentally exhausted/broken? Gowther’s mind invasion abilities have quite the strong affect on other people, so I am interested to see what further applications they can have in battle. Looking forward to the next chapter. It was also interesting to learn that the King of Liones had the ability called “vision” allowing him to see the future.

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