Fairy Tail Special – 413 Days (Juvia x Gray)

Fairy Tail chapter 376b Special - Juvia - by gaston18 (http://gaston18.deviantart.com)

Juvia’s state of dejection eased by the arrival of snow – by gaston18

This weeks Fairy Tail special chapter was also great, especially with the focus on Juvia. Even though Juvia’s obsession with Gray does border excessive, it is incredibly cute how taken she is with him. Even with the sad past she has had and the bad things she has done in the past, she is trying her best to change and Gray does serve as an inspiration point for Juvia to center her love and focus around. Along with helping Fairy Tail, the guild which took her in, she wants to continuously impress and be noticed by Gray, who after saving her, she has become infatuated with. This chapter did manage to push their relationship forward in an amusing and moving way.

I actually was not expecting Juvia to shower with a Gray sponge, but that role-play she carried out while utilizing it was amusing and the “Gray-sama Love ❤” towel on top of all the Gray merchandise she has made that scene even more insanely cute. Juvia when obsessed with Gray can have quite the infectious personality, especially with how positive she becomes, I’m sure Erza also got curious about her situation as a result.

Fairy Tail chapter 376b Special - Juvia's love for Gray

Juvia’s love for Gray, just a tiny bit excessive, but cute nonetheless

And while talking about curiosity, I was curious to see how things appeared from Juvia’s perspective and wow are they incredibly weird, fantasizing about love so much that she at times begins to hallucinate about certain potential couples engaging in romantic moments – that Gajeel and Levi moment, wow…

Gray was pretty much a jerk when he responded to Juvia’s gesture of giving him a present, but I do suppose Gray had his reasons, with that day being Ur’s death anniversary. Still…well at least after the snow started falling and he realised what a jerk he was (urged on by memories of Ur’s kindness and warmth), he went back to pick up the scarf Juvia made for him and even stated how warm it was. So iceboy really does have a heart in which he includes Juvia in!

Fairy Tail chapter 376b Special - Gray's acceptance of Juvia's present

Was a nice moment seeing Gray run back and search for Juvia’s scarf she knitted for him

It may be because Erza has a lot of experience dealing with grief and sorrow that she understands how important perspective is and once you take a step back from the view point you look at situations in when you are feeling down, they don’t appear as bad as your mind initially makes them out to be. Just like how Fairy Tail helped her, Erza has become the representation of that light and thanks to the love she has received, she is able to pass it onto others.

Fairy Tail chapter 376b Special - Erza - by gaston18 (http://gaston18.deviantart.com)

Erza really was awesome in this special chapter – by gaston18

The end of the chapter, hahah, from a serious moment straight into the usual Fairy Tail hilarity, you got to love how it can do things like that and not feel unnatural at all. I bet Gray accepted that Juvia body-pillow off screen (he may not need it, but he subconsciously wants it), he probably secretly has some Juvia merchandise hidden away in his home =P.

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