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Fairy Tail Chapter 376 – Wendy Rises

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Fairy Tail chapter376 - Dragon Force Wendy - by salim202 (http://salim202.deviantart.com)

Dragon Force Wendy – by salim202

Overpowered and overwhelmed and pushed to the brink of desperation, Wendy in the face of losing her precious bonds turns to desperate actions awakening the endless potential her magic wields. With the weight of many lives on her smalls shoulders and the inevitable ticking of time against her, Wendy, overcoming her former terror, rises and unleashes her Dragon Force! With five minutes left and a demon in front of her, Wendy gets ready to soar up to the Heavens.

Wow, that was a shocker, a delightful climactic surprise that thrilled and excited me immensely. With Wendy the only one in the vicinity to stop Face, I was curious to see how her battle against Ezel would play out, especially with the clock against Wendy with Face’s activation ticking closer and closer with each passing second.

Even with Ezel encountering Wendy by surprise forcing her to run while searching for Face, I love how Wendy deduced Ezel true threat and realised she would be unable to run away from him. Taking a stand and believing in her power, it was quite the satisfying feeling seeing her enchant herself up with her different magic spells and take on one of the demons from Zeref’s books directly. Wendy may not have done much damage initially to Ezel in the fight, but it was great to see her stand up to him utilising her unique magic.

Fairy Tail chapter 376 - Sky Dragon's Roar - by DesignerRenan (http://designerrenan.deviantart.com)

Sky Dragon’s Roar – by DesignerRenan

Ezel on the other hand seems to have a tough exterior making him resistant to magic to an extent and offensively utilising slashing attacks carried out be his arms and hands which seem quite deadly. On top of that Ezel’s many legs (6) give him a high level of maneuverability and attack options allowing him to surprise and immobilize an opponent.

With Face now in front of Wendy and her having unlocked Dragon Force thanks to Ezel pushing her to desperate measures, this fight has just got interesting. And to think Ezel was disappointed when he first seen that his opponent was a little girl who wouldn’t serve as much of a challenge for him, he is so going to eat his words soon. With Wendy achieving a heightened level of magic ability through Dragon Force and with much Eternano still residing around Face, Wendy could very well turn the tables completely on Ezel. There are five minutes left until Face activates, so if the story is heading towards Face being stopped, Wendy needs to hurry and finish off Ezel and stop Face.

Fairy Tail chapter 376 - Wendy eating the air around Face

Ezel wanted a fight? Looks like he may have gotten more than he bargained for…much more…

Hopefully Ezel’s curse isn’t something tricky that would allow him to buy enough time for Face to activate. Though I am curious to see what would happen to the story if magic was stolen from the continent, what types of abilities would actually remain? And where exactly would the stolen magic go to? With only five minutes left until Face activates, I am very much looking forward to the next chapter – go Wendy!

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