Naruto Chapter 669 – Madara VS Guy

Naruto chapter 669 - Guy's Night Elephant

Madara surely felt that…

With his life on the line and people behind he must protect, Guy’s springtime of youth has exploded into a deep crimson red blaze of conviction and determination. Even the Shinobi closest to the form of the Rikudou Sennin has been backed into an uneasy position with feeling the blaze of the Eight Inner Gates Battle Formation first hand. With Madara now aware of how dangerous Guy is, how will Guy respond and with Naruto revived, will he appear on the battlefield soon?

Guy’s Night Elephant…how deep was the hole he blew Madara down? That looks like several kilometers…and Guy did all that with air pressure. How terrifying the Eight Inner Gates can be once released, but it was good to see Madara affected by another attack.

Lee, it must be hard for him to watch his sensei give his life without him being able to do anything to help, but it was great how he accepted Guy’s resolve and decided to watch his sensei’s blazing moment shine completely. It was also cool how Lee opened six of the gates in preparation of creating an opening for Guy.

Naruto chapter 669 - creating an opening 1 Naruto chapter 669 - creating an opening 2

Minato, even with no arms, he sure can be deadly, the plan he came up with completely exposed Madara, who wasn’t expecting it at all. Utilising all the resources he had available to create that opening for Guy’s Night Elephant. It is good to know that Kishimoto-sensei is still thinking about Minato even with him literally unarmed.

It is going to be quite the spectacle to see this battle animated, because it was incredible, especially with all the characters present playing such major parts in exposing an opening in Madara’s black weapon defense form. I am also curious to see how Eights Inner Gates opened will looked animated, how fast will the action in this fight be? And it will just be very satisfying seeing and hearing Madara get completely overwhelmed in that sequence of attacks by Guy.

Naruto chapter 669 - Naruto awakens - colour by IITheYahikoDarkII (

Naruto awakens – colour by IITheYahikoDarkII

With Madara ready for round two, Guy realising the Madara was able to tank the Night Elephant and Naruto awakening, I am looking forward to how the next chapter will play out (will Sasuke awaken?).

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