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Bleach Chapter 573 – Kenpachi VS Gremmy

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Bleach chapter 573 - Zaraki versus Gremmy

Is there anything Gremmy can imagine to counter Zaraki?

I finally figured out what was going on in the previous chapter…I was under the impression that Guenael was a separate Sternritter from Gremmy but after rereading chapter 572 it was so obvious that he was a product of Gremmy’s imagination…ah, how exactly did I miss out on picking that up =/. Well, Gremmy is the “V” Sternritter, the “Visionary” Gremmy. It also seems that Gremmy doesn’t need to construct a separate dimension to allow his imagination ability to come into play, he has the freedom to manifest anything he imagines right into reality. But well, Zaraki Kenpachi is here, and it seems even imagination trembles in the presence of him.

Ah, I was afraid that this would be the case, that Unohana had really died…=(. I loved how Unohana was revealed to be the first Kenpachi, and I would have loved to see Unohana let loose in that state at some point, but with her sacrificing her life to unleash the terror that is Zaraki, I suppose it isn’t so bad. The extent of Zaraki’s power, the power and potential which Unohana saw during their first battle, I really am curious to see where the limits to it lies, if there really is any that is.

Bleach chapter 573 - Zaraki taking on the name "Kenpachi" from Unohana

Zaraki taking on the name “Kenpachi” from Unohana

Zaraki, even with his back turned, you could tell that he was affected by Unohana’s death, not just mentally, but emotionally as well. With a sort of pride in taking on the name Unohana once created, it should be interesting to see how far Zaraki has come, especially in relation to the relationship he has with his zanpakutou.

Gremmy seems awfully cocky; manifesting a stage to create the match between THE Zaraki Kenpachi and himself, who he believes is the strongest Sternritter. While Gremmy as Sternritter “V” has an incredibly powerful ability, it may also end up being his downfall. Gremmy has shown to rely completely on his ability but with imagination being the determiner of how strong the manifestation created is, if he cannot imagine anything strong enough or adequate enough to handle Zaraki, that power which he relies so heavily on could very well be nose he ties around his neck.

Zaraki overpowering Gremmy’s imagination and cutting Gremmy was incredibly cool, I also loved how Zaraki proclaimed that ‘inside Gremmy’s imagination, there isn’t a thing Gremmy could think of that Zaraki won’t be able to cut.’ What a beast Kenpachi.

Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing what Gremmy comes up with to counter Zaraki’s power and unpredictability.

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