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Fairy Tail Chapter 375 – The Stolen Flames

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Fairy Tail chapter 375 - Franmalth steals Natsu's lightning flames

Lightning flame imbued Hades soul huh…Franmalth is more dangerous than he appears…

So Franmalth’s strongest soul really was Hades, how interesting, at least that confirms that Hades did die when Zeref attacked him. I was curious to see how Natsu would fare alone against Franmalth using Hades’s soul and it seems that Franmalth really was pushed on the back foot, well at least until he leaned back on his soul stealing ability to steal Natsu’s lightning flames. Surprising that Franmalth was able to use his ability in that way, but considering that he is one of the demons from Zeref’s books, it does make sense that he is powerful. His personality though does belie his strength. But it was great to be reminded that the demons of the Kyuukimon are strong and won’t be defeated so easily. Looking forward to the upcoming fights.

Franmalth looks ridiculous with Hades’s head, especially with his tongue sticking out…poor Hades, for his soul to be reduced to a slave for a demon. Though with Franmalth mentioning that he was following Zeref seven years ago, it confirms that the Kyuukimon and Tartarus were out searching for Zeref since way back then, and even before. I wonder what other souls Franmalth had come across during his search for Zeref.

Just as it was with Franmalth using Taurus’s and Aries’s abilities, he doesn’t seem as skillful in controlling the abilities he steals compared to the original owners. It is unconfirmed, but I believe that Franmalth, even though he is capable of using the abilities of the ‘souls’ he steals, he still doesn’t have the same level of skills to use those abilities on the same level as the original owners.

Well with Franmalth baiting Natsu to use his flames in order to steal it, it is going to be interesting to see how Natsu takes on Franmalth with his lighting flame imbued Hades soul, especially with Franmalth being able to absorb the “soul” of his attacks. Natsu may just end up ‘over-feeding’ Franmalth with his flames that Franmalth ends up exhausting or injuring himself creating an opening for Natsu (and/or Lucy) to land the deciding blow.

Fairy Tail chapter 375 - The power of the demons from Zeref's books

Should be interesting seeing how the Fairy Tail mages take on the demons from Zeref’s books

Great to be reminded of the Kyuukimon consisting of powerful demons from Zeref’s books. With the fights taking place from a more balanced perspective, it does seem like a good time to include a shocking twist in the story, but even if there isn’t, the fights themselves should provide some interesting information about Zeref and the demons in general.

Fairy Tail chapter 375 - Supernatural Phenomena - by gaston18 and NuclearAgent

Sayla and Mirajane – by NuclearAgent and gaston18

Mirajane vs Sayla is shaping up to be an interesting fight, given that Mirajane has yet to land a hit on Sayla, even with Satan Soul active. Instead Mirajane gets hit with a book – ouch. Erza vs Kyouka has become more of a balanced fight now, with both parties seeming more equal. Erza even expressed that Kyouka is strong after trying to land a few attacks on her. Looks like Kyouka really was done in earlier by the element of surprise when Erza forced her outside.

Fairy Tail chapter 375 - Erza and Kyouka

What else does Kyouka have up her claws?

Wendy vs Ezel…the tentacled demon vs the little girl, this should also be an interesting fight. Wendy may not be an offensive mage like Natsu, but Wendy is a Dragon Slayer with an adept handling over her magic so she should be able to take on a demon of Kyuukimon. The problem though is the ability/sin Ezel has, depending on what it is, Wendy may be in trouble. Ultimately the battle between Wendy and Ezel may just be interrupted by another Fairy Tail mage, this could allow Wendy to find Face and stop it if that is how the arc is going to end (with Face not activating).

Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how the other Tartarus demons are worked into the arc – Silver, Torafusa, Jackal, Tempesta and Minerva.


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