[Theory] One Piece – What Luffy Wants

One Piece chapter 733 - Yuki-Onna?

The Strawhat Pirates take a break in the snow

Throughout One Piece Luffy has come across many things which excite and mesmerize him, some of which he has repeatedly mentioned wanting. For the most part, he has gotten what he wants, such as a navigator, a cook, a doctor, beams, a robot, a skeleton, a musician. But there are still two things Luffy currently doesn’t have which he has repeatedly shown excitement for throughout the One Piece manga (well three if you include meat when it runs out).

Those two things are a giant [bronze] statue and snow. These two things may not relate to person but they have been repeatedly mentioned as something that Luffy gets incredibly excited over. Oda-sensei could very well use these two elements to base any potential future nakama he may have planned for the Strawhats around.

Looking at the first, Luffy does express his interest in one after the crew defeat Enel and his Ordeals and retrieve a ton of gold and treasure from inside the giant snake, Nola.

On the White Sea of Skypiea, before the crew descends down to the Blue Sea (chapter 302) and once the crew arrive on the Blue Sea and decide what to use the money for (chapter 303):

One Piece chapter 302 - Luffy wants a giant statue One Piece chapter 303 - Luffy wants a giant statue 2

Luffy mentioned once again in chapter 323 that he wanted a statue – last panel:

One Piece chapter 323 - Luffy wants a statue 3

It may be foreshadowing events to come, but the instant Luffy set his eyes on the statue of Kyros in the Corrida Colosseum of Dressrosa, Luffy expressed that he wanted it:

One Piece chapter 704 - Luffy wants the statue of Kyros

In all likelihood, Luffy may very well get the statue of Kyros at the end of the Dressrosa Arc. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens to the statue.


Turning to snow now, Luffy had began to illustrate his excitement over snow from chapter 106 when he was first seen building a snowman (after the crew set-off from Reverse Mountain):

One Piece chapter 106 - Luffy builds a snowman 1 One Piece chapter 106 - Luffy jealous of Usopp's Snow Queen

Just before the crew reached Little Garden, Luffy wonders if it will snow again:

One Piece chapter 115 - Luffy wants more snow

Luffy’s excitement over snow brings him to tears as the crew reaches Drum Island in chapter 132:

One Piece chapter 132 - Luffy excited at the Snow Island 1 One Piece chapter 132 - Luffy excited at the Snow Island 2

In the very next chapter, Luffy and Usopp are shown wasting no time making new snowman/monsters:

One Piece chapter 133 - Luffy and Usopp build a snowman and snowzilla

After Luffy triumphants over Crocodile and helps the Vivi save Alabasta, Luffy is shown thinking about snow again once they depart (chapter 218):

One Piece chapter 218 - Luffy wants to visit another snow island

Luffy once again displayed his excitement for snow the moment he realised that Punk Hazard had a snow side (chapter 657) and when he attempted to cross the lake:

One Piece chapter 657 - Luffy excited at the snow on Punk Hazard 1 One Piece chapter 659 - Luffy excited at the snow on Punk Hazard 2

It may been an incredible coincidence, but in the moment Luffy realised how cool Punk Hazard was seeing the snow, Monet, the Yuki-Onna, showed up. One of the reasons I am so fixated on Monet’s character is because she is a Snow Logia user and Luffy during his encounter with Monet had seemed to fail in recognising Monet as a Snow Woman – how he wondered what her ability was.

For Oda-sensei to repeatedly make Luffy express how much he loves snow throughout the One Piece manga, and then to have a character who is able to control snow show up only to have them “die” in the same arc, I honestly don’t believe Oda-sensei would do such a thing. Monet is one of the most interesting and mysterious characters introduced in the manga and she is currently one of the most uniquely designed female characters in the manga. You can tell a lot of thought had gone into Monet’s character, so having her just ‘killed off’ at the end of the arc she was introduced in is something I find incredibly weird. Hopefully we will get more coverage on both Kyros’s statue and Monet.

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