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One Piece Chapter 741 – The Legendary Hero

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One Piece chapter 741 - color spread

Another awesome colour spread from Oda, love it!

About time Usopp threw his cowardice to the wind and got his courage together! I was waiting and waiting and waiting and now finally the unbearableness of his cowardice got through to Usopp forcing him to face his fears and stop running away. Usopp may yet still become the ‘brave warrior of the seas’ he dreams of being and amusingly he may just get that army of followers he also dreamed of having. The other legendary hero, Kyros, recalls memories of the past and the immense debt he owes King Riku. It’s tragic really, Kyros has been suffering from such a young age and even now, he is still suffering. What strength and will power lies in this man who is able to endure so much hate and negativity and still selflessly push forward with the sole intent of helping others irrespective of whether he loses his life. I can’t help but admire the man.

The truth of what Trebol told the dwarves hurt even me, every single “Usoland” whisper that when unanswered by Usopp pinged at my heart, badly wanting Usopp to head back to save the dwarves only to continue running edged closer to the borders of unbearableness. But then, seeing Usopp’s reaction to Leo forcing himself up to express his belief in Usopp, the internal battle waging in Usopp’s psyche became apparent and the ‘brave warrior of the seas’ forced Usopp back to reveal the truth and the desire to be remembered as a legendary hero, one that in the face of death doesn’t mind putting their life on the line.

One Piece chapter 741 - The legendary hero Usopp

He really can be brave when he wants, Usopp…

It took a while, but Usopp has finally arrived and he is ready to break through the cowardice he feels today. And fortunately for Usopp, there just so happens to be a ton of toys cheering him on hoping for his victory over Trebol and Sugar. The amount of people who are going to be grateful to the person (Usopp) who saves them from their fate as a toy slave is going to be quite incredible. Usopp may just finally get that army of 8,000 followers he has been lying about having =P. I am also curious to know who this toy familiar with the Strawhat Pirates is. Those long ears make me want to say Enel, but I highly doubt that would be the case considering Enel is on the moon =/. Well when Usopp does save and free the toys, it is going to be interesting to see who exactly ended up being transformed into toys and whose existences disappeared from the memory of everyone.

Nice to see Kyros getting ready, he has faith in Usoland! But I was honestly surprised that Kyros was despised as a Colosseum fighter. To learn that he was once a slum child, one regarded as a thug and troublemaker, it makes you realise that Kyros really didn’t have an easy life, to suffer in his childhood and in his adulthood, he really has been through a lot. Just like Rebecca now, Kyros was loathed by the people, he wasn’t wanted and continually insulted in the past by the spectators. The crime of murder in a nation regarded as peaceful, it was obvious why people didn’t like him and why they didn’t accept him but they had only known a portion of the story before casting their judgements. This friend of Kyros’s who was killed, I really do wonder who s/he was. For Kyros to regularly visit their grave and express himself completely in front of, the two of them must have been really close.

The stigma which became attached onto him in Dressrosa, being known as a murderer and wild beast, it must have been unbearable being faced by the citizens who disdained such actions. And it is because of that, I am genuinely looking forward to learning how Kyros was able to win the Dressrosa citizens over and become known as the legendary warrior Kyros. It did seem that after the world have come to know about Kyros and began challenging him, the people of Dressrosa began to accept Kyros as a national icon representing Dressrosa’s pride. When Kyros fought a giant and a merman, the citizens seemed quite excited about the match-up and when Kyros reached the unprecedented 1000th victory, the whole stadium cheered for him. Kyros had won the spectators over with his strength, but seeing Kyros cry in front of his friend’s grave pained by the fact that he will always been known as a murderer and wild beast, it expressed that the people of Dressrosa still didn’t fully accept Kyros.

One Piece chapter 741 - Kyros's grief

The man misunderstood by many reveals his tears…

The heart of a man wanting to be accepted by others was fated to be forever rejected by them. I really do feel that after this whole Doflamingo incident, the people will be more understanding and open to forgiving Kyros for what he had done in the past, especially King Riku. King Riku may not have understood why Kyros killed those who killed Kyros’s friend in the past, but now after suffering at Doflamingo’s hands for ten years and wanting to see Doflamingo dead, King Riku may very well understand why Kyros had done what he had done in the past. It would also be incredibly poetic for a person once not accepted by the nation, to become the person who ends up leading it. There would be no better way for the citizens of Dressrosa to show their remorse and acceptance of Kyros by making him their new King. Whatever happens, I am incredibly interested in Kyros and his story. Looking forward to the next chapter (I wonder if Kyros is from Wano Kuni =/).

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