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Naruto Chapter 668 – The Red Beast Of Konoha

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Naruto chapter 668 - Guy opens all eight gates

The red beast of Konoha has arrived!

Guy…so that time has finally come, opening all eight gates. It is obvious Guy won’t defeat Madara, as that role is reserved for Naruto and Sasuke, but Guy right now and the sacrifice he is making will open up the path for Naruto and Sasuke to defeat Madara. Right now Naruto and Sasuke are out of action and require time to heal and get back to their feet, and that is exactly what Guy is buying with his sacrifice, precious time for the new Spring to be ushered in…

Guy’s father as ridiculous as he was, was incredibly awesome. For a person to be that forward looking and unaffected by the negativity of others, it takes a certain strength of mind and will power. Dai knew what he was fighting for and what he attained power for, and everything he learned, he passed it onto his son. Guy may not have understood his father back then, but right now as he is facing Madara, he knows what his father meant and what the power he has attained needs to be used for. What Guy’s father taught him were not only principles of fighting but principles of life and through those principles, the character of a person is determined.

Naruto chapter 668 - Dai's ninja way

The meaning of true victory

Lee’s tears expresses it all; the brilliant resolve Guy has which can’t be stopped. Everything Guy has trained himself for has come erupting out in this moment of bravery and strength. Whether Guy fails or not, the spectacle which he is going to etch within the memories of those onlooking will remain. Here is a man who understands that victory is not in defeating his opponent, but in protecting something important to him.

Burn, Guy! Unleash yourself and your springtime of youth! Let that deep crimson red climax the present and pave the way for the new leaves ushering in the new Spring! This was great chapter, looking forward to the next one!

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