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Bleach Chapter 572 – “Fantasy” Boy

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Bleach chapter 572 - Fantasy boy

Who is this boy? A Sternritter?

Just when I was thinking how lame it was that we would have another battle being dragged on by parties revealing the secrets to their abilities, we get a shocker of a development in the form of a mysterious boy who ends up effortlessly dispatching Guenael and handling Yachiru like a packet of cookies =/. I honestly have no idea what actually happened, is that boy a Sternritter? If so, then why did he dispose of Guenael, was it because Guenael wasn’t strong enough to defeat his opponents? Well whatever actually happened, with Zaraki on the scene, things are about to be rocked hard!

I was hoping Guenael would have kicked the bucket from Yachiru’s attack in the previous chapter, but of course, he managed to avoid the attack and this was mainly because Yachiru blurted out exactly how her ability functions in the previous chapter. What has me curious though is Isane’s assessment of Yachiru’s shikai and it being totally different from any other shikai she has seen before. Was Isane hinting at the possibility that Yachiru’s shikai has several forms and this current version is just one of them?

Whatever it is, that fantasy boy appeared to remove Guenael’s existence for good from not only their sight, consciousness and memory but also from existence…It was definitely a welcomed twist as Guenael started to become sort of annoying and being defeated was the only purpose left for him to serve. The sudden submerging of terror in the form of Kensei and Rose dying (did they really?) pretty much solidified that fantasy boy as boasting an incredibly powerful ability. Though I do wonder if he just psychological messed with Isane’s senses with his ability and Kensei and Rose aren’t in fact dead =/.

Bleach chapter 572 - the power of imagination

“in this world” huh?

I was heavily reminded of Yukio from Xcution as he too was able to be sort of a ‘god’ within his dimension. Here we have this fantasy boy using imagination as a weapon and making whatever he imagines manifest into reality. I’m not really sure about this, but were Isane and Yachiru inside a barrier that boy created? Like Yuki, did this boy have to create a separate dimension for his imagination powers to take full form and effect? This fantasy boy did make reference to “this world” when he stated “in this world, the most powerful force is imagination.” Hmmmm, it will be interesting to learn how his ability functions.

Bleach chapter 572 - Zaraki Kenpachi arrives

Zaraki is back!

Zaraki is back! How cool! I am still hoping that Unohana isn’t dead, as I do find her character to be really awesome, especially when she embraced her previous Kenpachi side when training Zaraki. Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how Zaraki will combat this fantasy boy.

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