Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 61 – The Feeling That Goes With Cooking

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 61 - Megumi's approach to cooking

The ‘secret’ behind Megumi’s cooking

That was a cute and enjoyable chapter, especially with the kids attaining an interest and excitement for cooking. I was curious to see if the job Isshiki had prepared was something serious, but it turns out it was something much more relaxing and amusing. Souma and Megumi were quite good at focusing the kids attention and the comment Megumi made about her approach to cooking was really cool – no wonder her cooking is filled with so much warmth. The cliff hanger caught me off guard even though it was something I was wondering about, does Megumi have feelings for Souma? Looks like some romantic feelings for Souma may have formed inside Megumi.

Souma’s skills of using carrots to form models of objects was beyond impressive, not only are his hands good at cooking but he has skill in carving carrots into detailed objects. The same with Megumi, those animal models she formed with vegetables were really cute – that penguin from the egg-plant lol.

Amusing how the teacher reacted at Souma and Megumi’s talent for keeping the kids attention focused, she may have to take down some notes in the techniques they used to keep the kids engrossed in cooking.

Megumi’s comment of cooking “while thinking of the person important to you” to make the dish you making tastier reminded me of the “secret” Jouichirou was going to tell Souma in how to improve his cooking – ‘meeting a woman that will make him want to give all the food he makes to her’. That intimate connection with cooking driven by thoughts and feelings are what seems to have pushed Jouichirou into becoming such a talented chef. Souma hasn’t shown any romantic feelings for anyone, but it will be interesting to see if he does within Tootsuki Academy and how much his cooking will improve as a result.

Still, thanks to Megumi, Souma may just find himself at the same conclusion as his father in regards to improving his cooking without his father telling him how =P. Souma did seem quite taken back by Megumi’s approach to cooking and even expressed at the end of the chapter his enchantment by what Megumi said.

Now that Megumi has become aware of some feelings she has developing for Souma, I wonder how her cooking and character will improve from here on. She may very well become more driven and confident now.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 61 - Kanon

Images of Erina came flashing by when Kanon was introduced…definitely the “Ojou-sama” type

Kanon, her introduction reminded me so much of Erina, that belittling look she gave everyone and that domineering attitude she conveyed herself as having. I can’t remember if Erina is an only child or not, but if Erina did have a younger sister, I’m sure she would be something like Kanon, if not Kanon herself. It was cute how Kanon opened up in the latter half of the chapter and gave cooking a try despite being anxious about it. Her reaction when trying the Yaki Gyoza dish once it was cooked was a nice touch, not to mention cute.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 61 - Souma teaching Kanon

Nice how Kanon opened up to learning cooking

Looking forward to the extended chapter (23 pages) next week. Hopefully we get to see what the other characters are up to during these two weeks before the Autumn Election main tournament.

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2 Responses to Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 61 – The Feeling That Goes With Cooking

  1. KrimzonStriker says:

    I felt the line in regards to Jouichirou spoke more to how his cooking has changed over the years based on Fumio’s remark in chapter 40, about how he, the one known as the Azure, was now cooking with kindness, along with how Erina regards his high-caliber skill when he was serving her.

    In regards to Megumi well, let’s just say I hope Erina starts to insert herself more otherwise those jokes in the colored pages about her lack of involvement is going to become a real problem as Megumi starts to get more development.

    I would love if Kanon was Erina’s little sister in that regard, because it would provide just the opening to get her more involved. However, given how cooking-centered Erina’s family is I find it doubtful a child could be produced from their bloodline who didn’t care about cooking, plus I would think since they’re so rich they’d send her to a more private education then have her openly associate with so many other children.

    • Syphin says:

      Good points, it does seem hard to fit Kanon within the Nakiri family after realising that. Though I suppose since Erina’s grandfather, Senzaemon, does not appear to be such an unreasonable man, if one of his grandchildren didn’t express much interest in cooking, I doubt he would force them to learn cooking =/.

      I just think it would be cool if Kanon was related to Erina, so that if Kanon does begin to idolize Souma, it would be a nice mirroring development against Erina idolizing Jouichirou.

      (And I just can’t get over how much Erina and Kanon resemble each other).

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