Fairy Tail Chapter 374 – Soul Stealer

Fairy Tail chapter 374 - Franmalth's most powerful soul

Is that Hades?

I was actually expecting Lucy and Wendy to end up fighting Keith, but I suppose since Lucy, Happy, Wendy and Carla are the only ones currently who know that Face’s timer has been activated, it does make more sense for them to avoid the battle and try and stop Face from activating. Was cool to see Gray encounter Keith and have the passing comment by Keith relating Gray and Silver. Franmalth’s ability was interesting, so he can absorb the soul of other living beings into himself and take on the abilities and appearance they have (reminds me of Buu from Dragon Ball). Will be interesting to see how Natsu and Lucy take on Franmalth that ability of his, especially with his “most powerful” soul seeming quite dangerous.

I am curious to learn how Keith was able to get in front of Lucy, Happy, Wendy and Carla when they had escaped before he even left the room. From his dialog when casting his “Malefic” ability, it does seem that his attacks have something to do with illusions or manipulating a persons senses. Gray attacking Keith only for him to dissipate into sand or whatever that is does suggest that he is able to alter his form or others perception of his form =/. Either way, it was exciting to find out that there is some real connection between Gray and Silver. Will be interesting to find out if Gray learns about Silver and how he is connected to Silver during his fight with Keith.

Fairy Tail chapter 374 - Gray and Silver's connection

Could Gray really be…

With Natsu showing up to face Franmalth, I was certain that Franmalth wouldn’t stand a chance, given how Natsu overwhelmed him earlier, but with Franmalth’s Revolution ability, this fight could be more intense then expected. With Franmalth having absorbed Aries and Taurus’s souls, Lucy does have a reason to fight Franmalth, which I hope is what she does. It was hilarious seeing Natsu stop when Franmalth used Aries’s appearance yet still continue to attack when Franmalth used Taurus’s appearance, poor Taurus =P. Though it does appear that while Franmalth is able to use the abilities of those he absorbs, he doesn’t seem to have the same level of handling over the ability as the original owners, so effectively Franmalth is a weaker version of the original power owner.

With Franmalth bringing out his “most powerful” soul, things should get exciting, especially if that soul is Hades. It tooked the whole of Team Natsu (including Wendy) and Laxus to defeat Hades last time, so if the soul Franmalth brings out is Hades, it will be interesting to see how Natsu and Lucy combat it now.

Also looking forward to seeing what Wendy will encounter when she arrives at Face, or who she will encounter. Ezel does appear to be there, so will that be her opponent, or will more member/allies of Fairy Tail arrive to help her stop Face? Looking forward to the next chapter as well as the next special chapter (this weeks one was really enjoyable and heart-warming – lol Frosh).

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