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One Piece Chapter 740 – Faith In Usopp

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One Piece chapter 740 - Soldier-san's resolve

C’mon Usopp, you can do it!

Looking at things from Usopp’s perspective, it must not be easy for him; an ordinary human, without any Devil Fruit powers or Haki, going up against unforgiving pirates wielding dangerous fruits, it is expected he would be fearful, yet the level cowardice Usopp is exhibiting now is shocking even me. I just hope Usopp manages to remember the reason he is sailing the Grand Line for and stop himself from running away. Right now, everyone is relying on him, they all have their faith in Usopp seeing through Operation SOP. Usopp is the only one now able to complete Operation SOP, he NEEDS to take Sugar out. I hope that voice inside Usopp called Sogeking manages to make itself heard by Usopp.

So Zoro did stay behind to take on Pica, but wow, how surprising, I was not expecting Pica to be this tricky of an opponent to face, being able to move the Palace walls and force Luffy and Viola to run into dead-ends. Still Zoro should be able to take on Pica, especially if he dons his bandana. Will be a cool fight regardless; sword vs stone.

Gladius, the Pamu Pamu no Mi huh? So Gladius is a rupture human and is able to make himself and inorganic matter rupture, quite the dangerous ability. Now we see why Gladius wore a metal helmet before, so he could explode it like a grenade. I was hoping that Gladius would meet Kin’emon, as they would be a good match-up for each other, but I never expected their meeting to end up like it did in this chapter…

One Piece chapter 740 - Kinemon disguised as Doflamingo

I can’t stop laughing!

Kin’emon…I didn’t think much of his Devil Fruit power before, but after seeing him disguise himself as Doflamingo, I love it. That scene was completely hilarious, the fact that Kin’emon had his topknot sticking out from his wig made his disguise that much more amazing and amusing. But with Kin’emon’s conversation with Gladius, we now know that Kanjuro has disappeared from the scrap heap which was presumably where he was being held. With Kanjuro being in the vicinity of where Usopp is, would the two meet? How exactly will Kanjuro fit into the story of the Dressrosa Arc?

Luffy displeased with hiding was amusing, but Viola did want Solider-san to try his plan out first before she has Luffy have his way. It will be interesting to see if Soldier-san’s plan works out as planned or whether it will fail completely. For Luffy to be the one to defeat Doflamingo, Soldier-san would have to be unsuccessful in crushing Doflamingo once Operation SOP is carried out, if it is…It is going to be exciting seeing how everything pans out before Luffy does take on Doflamingo.

Now that it has been highlighted, it will be interesting to learn about the relationship and past King Riku and Kyros share. Kyros seems indebted to King Riku, presumably because King Riku saved Kyros by taking him into his family. I have been wondering for a while now, but is there any connection between Kyros and Wano Kuni? If so, what exactly is the connection? Could Kyros be a samurai?

Franky, so he is backed into a corner by the Marines huh? I wonder what happened to Senor Pink and Machvise =/. With Franky unable to reach the Underground Trading Port, everything really is up to Usopp and Robin, well was before it was revealed Robin had been turned into a toy attempting to subdue Sugar. It doesn’t seem like Sugar managed to perform a contract with Robin, but in that form there really isn’t much Robin could do. Everything really is up to Usopp…

One Piece chapter 740 - Robin turned into a toy

Nice try Robin!

A shame that the chapter ended with Usopp giving in to his fear and running away. Usopp is the only person who can complete Operation SOP, he needs to remembers quickly why it is he is sailing the Grand Line and channel that into his actions. Being the incredible sniper that he is, Usopp CAN take out Sugar and create the opportunity for the darkness of Dressrosa to end, as well as save thousands of lives.

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