Naruto Chapter 667 – Prepared To Die

Naruto chapter 667 - Guy's decision


I had a feeling this was coming, especially given the insane power Madara now wields, but seeing it start to happen is bringing a frown to my face. Guy-sensei! It is a given that Guy has to release all eight gates if he hopes to combat Madara on some level of equality, but as has been foreshadowed during the explanation of the eight gates during the Chuunin Exam Arc, releasing all eight gates puts too much strain on the individual’s body and pushes it to the point that surviving is highly unlikely. Ah, it is going to be one explosion of youth and courage next chapter when Guy goes head to head with Madara.

So the person near Sasuke was indeed Kabuto, I’m glad, I wanted to see how he would appear after getting out of Itachi’s Izanami and he does appear to have come to a realisation, one which he seems at peace and calm about. For Kabuto to accept himself as who he is and where he comes from, it is quite the big development in terms of his character development. It is also a nice touch how Itachi’s feelings for Sasuke pierced Kabuto’s heart and now here Kabuto is saving Sasuke from the clutches of death. It is also interesting to note that Kabuto may be using Hashirama’s cells to heal Sasuke and if that is the case, Sasuke may just be able to unlock his Rinnegan.

Naruto chapter 667 - Obito and Kabuto trying to right their wrongs

Obito and Kabuto trying to right their wrongs

I love how Kabuto and Obito were shown side-by-side in the panels; the situations they found themselves in during the past as well as their current situations were mirrored against each other beautifully through Kabuto’s comment. Having it extend towards Naruto and Sasuke, and how Obito and Kabuto have saved the both of them was a great way to highlight their way of trying to redeem the unforgivable things they have done in the past. In a sense, it is through Naruto and Sasuke that Obito and Kabuto are putting their hopes on in terms of righting the wrongs they have created and forced the world to bear.

Madara, he recognised Guy’s eight gate form and that the red steam represented all eight gates being released, how? Did Madara encounter a taijutsu user like that in the past or did he learn it from the Uchiha stone tablet? O.o. Well whatever it was, Guy’s seven gate form wasn’t enough to fight Madara, which has forced Guy to put his very life on the line and release all eight gates, changing from the green beast, which represented his youthful days, to the red beast, representing the day he has been preparing himself for. Just thinking that Guy could die, it makes me sad, he is such a lovable and awesome character who has a way to bring a smile to the reader’s face, so being faced with the possibility that Guy will die, it is tragic.

Hopefully Naruto and Sasuke recover quickly and/or Tsunade shows up so she can heal Guy if and when he does fall from exhaustion and injury. It will also be interesting to see how Rock Lee reacts when seeing his sensei open all eight gates. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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