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Bleach Chapter 571 – Yachiru’s Zanpakutou

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Bleach chapter 571 - Yachiru unsheathes her zanpakutou

Yachiru unsheathes her zanpakutou

Finally we are getting to see Yachiru in a fight and she does resemble Zaraki in quite a lot of ways. Her instinctual personality driving her actions and reactions has amusingly ended up being a blind-spot in Sternritter “V”‘s (Gwenael Lee) vanishing point ability and after seeing him attempt to give Yachiru a finishing blow, each time he failed, Yachiru has gotten noticeable faster at reacting and countering Gwenael. Once Yachiru pulled out her zanpakutou, Sanpo Kenjuu, it looked pretty bleak for Gwenael, and after seeing Yachiru pull out her shikai and utilise its ‘copycat’ ability, Gwenael may very well need to power-up if he hopes to stand a chance against this mini-Zaraki. Gwenael probably has some more tricks up his sleeve, but Yachiru will reign supreme in the end, especially if she does have her bankai form achieved – she already knows her zanpakutou’s name, so she may have achieved the bankai form.

Gwenael has an interesting ability, to remove his very form and essence from the minds of those who met him, thereby creating a situation where logically, he would be able to catch anyone by surprise. Well that would be the case if the person does follow logic, but as we all know Yachiru like Zaraki, is anything but logical, the two of them reside within their instinctual nature. Having the element of surprise removed, Gwenael pretty much became unable to utilise his vanishing point ability to sneak up on Yachiru and kill her, because whenever he appeared to land the finishing blow, Yachiru instinctively reacted to the uneasy feeling she has about him.

Bleach chapter 571 - Gwenael's vanishing point ability

It would be interesting to see how Gwenael deals with an area damaging spell that would disregard whether he can remove his form and existence from a person’s mind completely

The three phases Gwenael utilising his vanishing point ability in is quite interesting, but phase three seems quite useless against Yachiru, as making his existence disappear from Yachiru’s mind means nothing as Yachiru reacts with instinct not with thought. The first two phases on the other hand do provide a base for which he use to combat Yachiru, but now that Yachiru has brought out her shikai and is able to cut anything in her field of vision, he may have to think about how he can avoid her field of vision when he dodges.

I did like how Gwenael had his vanishing point ability explained through his individual monologue, but did Kubo-sensei have to have had Yachiru explain her shikai ability to Gwenael? Once again I believe this Sternritter is going to use the information Yachiru shared with him to structure his counter-attack around forcing Yachiru to utilise a stronger ability in order to make up for her original ability not working. If Yachiru didn’t explain her ability to Gwenael, he would be clueless for a good while as to how Yachiru is hitting him and this could provide the necessary opportunity for Yachiru to finish Gwenael off. But unfortunately that is not going to happen, Gwenael knows how Yachiru’s shikai ability functions, so if Gwenael does counter it, hopefully Yachiru has another response saved up.

Bleach chapter 571 - Yachiru's shikai

Well hello there…(I wonder if she should have really showed Gwenael how her ability works…)

Yachiru unsheathing her zanpakutou was quite badass, especially when she stated that with Zaraki not there, she can cut things up as much she wants without worrying about taking fun away from Zaraki. Yachiru seems at this point to be the likely winner, but it will be interesting to see how Gwenael responds to Yachiru now, especially with his  vanishing point not being as effective against Yachiru as he hoped. It will also be interesting to learn more about Yachiru’s shikai. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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