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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 66-68 – The Reasons For Why They Fight

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Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 67 - Geera and Hauser stand up

What an epic moment, got to love Geera and Hauser now

This arc has become one of the most exciting and climatic moments in Nanatsu no Taizai, I’m absolutely loving it! I had expected Diane to be pushed back while taking on 6 Holy Knights, but I also expected King to show up to back her up, which didn’t happen as Oslo fainted. What did happen though surprised me quite a bit yet excited me immensely. It was made apparent in previous chapters that Hauser didn’t want to hurt Diane and that Geera was growing suspicious of Helbram’s actions, but to think that those two would be forced to reevaluate the current path they are on against their beliefs, I was shocked. The “Holy Knights” had generally throughout the manga displayed themselves as being superficial protectors of justice, but finally those Holy Knight that do follow the path of protecting the people of the kingdom are finally beginning to see the tainted visage the “Holy Knights” now embody.

With citizens coming to the realisation that the Holy Knights don’t care about them, some will begin to accept that against the “war” the Holy Knights crave, their lives mean nothing. A shift between the flow of the reality of the world does appear to be on the verge of occurring. The events in Liones may very well usher in a drastic change to the land.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 66 - Diane's stand

Such a shame Helbram passed the damage off to another Holy Knight connection to him through his ‘Link’ ability

Watching Diane take on the Holy Knights was great, she overwhelmed Jericho and withstood Gilthunder and Hauser’s combination attack with the addition of Helbram’s Hail Bullet attack (well one of the Holy Knights linked to him). A shame Great Holy Knight Dreyfus had to intervene and significantly injure Diane with his “break” ability.

Jericho’s recollection of a conversation she had with her brother was interesting, it explains why she is so driven to be acknowledged as a respectable Holy Knight and why she desires to rise in rank. Presumably something tragic happened to her brother, whom is likely her older brother, preventing her from showing him that she had made it into the Holy Knight ranks. Because of that emptiness she is now extra driven to prove her brother wrong in hopes of trying to fill that void. I actually like Jericho’s character, as I feel she is also a victim in all of this, so I hope she will see that the current path she is on, one only concerned about power and status, wouldn’t make her brother happy. Her brother does appear to me to have been a passionate Holy Knight, one who would have genuinely been concerned for the citizens well-being.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 68 - Helbram's scheme Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 68 - Helbram's scheme 2

I am surprised Helbram revealed his true colours in front of Geera and Jericho so nonchalantly, did he not expect a reaction when he revealed himself as carrying out villainous acts to paint the Seven Deadly Sins in a negative light? Did he not realise that there would be disagreement in their ways of going about fulfilling the Holy Knight prophecy? Or did he not just care? Whatever went through his mind, I am glad Geera finally realised the fiend Helbram actually is and has sided with Hauser to protect Diane, who saved her little brother. Hopefully Jericho is able to realise how bad the plan Hendricksen and Helbram have plotted is but that may take some convincing as right now Jericho is only concerned about getting Diane’s head and increasing her rank in the Holy Knights.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 68 - Helbram's giving Geera her answer

What a bunch of corrupt Holy Knights; Dreyfus, Hendricksen and Helbram…

The fact that Helbram made mention of Geera being just like her father answered her suspicions she had concerning her father’s disappearance, and Hendricksen and Helbram’s involvement. Helbram really needs a good punch in the face now, hopefully Geera can give him one and make those linked to Helbram feel it as well.

Great Holy Knight Dreyfus on the other hand, he really is a piece of work that guy, “I am one who rejects dreams and ideals. I crush everything and push forward!!”, what a load of twisted garbage to justify his “power”, he freakin’ betrayed and back-stabbed his older brother so he could get his greedy dirty hands on the title of “Great Holy Knight” and then went to place the blame on the Seven Deadly Sins. All I see him “rejecting” is the truth and blindly creating a delusion for himself to justify the atrocious acts he has committed, all so he can sleep better at night knowing what he has done. As they say, “the fish rots from the head down”, and that is exactly what is happening to the Holy Knights with it being led by the likes of Dreyfus and Hendericksen. Fortunately though there some Holy Knights with objective eyes that can see just how rotten the Holy Knights have become.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 68 - Geera and Hauser's combination attack

Combination attacks have caught my intrigue, so many possibilities are open given the different and unique abilities characters wield.

The Holy Knights combination attack is a great addition to the battles, and potentially can be very fascinating given certain combination of abilities that are able to compliment each other completely. Geera detonating her explosion bombs inside Hauser’s heavily constricted twister was a great move, the blast was kept inside the space within the twister amplifying the damage Geera’s “shot bomb” caused.

Gowther vs Threader from Dawn Roar, what an exciting and unexpected match-up, to think he would also be involved in the current events…things really are getting intense this arc. Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing the fights will be handled.

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