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One Piece Chapter 739 – The Legendary Kyros

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One Piece chapter 739 - The Legendary Kyros

The Legendary Kyros, what an amazing man

Wow, Soldier-san, what a guy, to continue fighting and having such a positive outlook on life despite the hardships he has had to endure for ten years, I cannot think of anything else besides how unbelievably incredible he is. To continuously battle against reality itself in hopes of revealing the lies intertwined with the truth and ultimately save the nation and its people crippled by the tainted control of Doflamingo, what will and strength this man has. Now I know why the identity of Soldier-san was kept a mystery until this very chapter, because the impact of seeing what Soldier-san had to go through for ten years and the strength he displayed in those years created a set-up so fitting for the man he represented before being turned into a toy. That is, the strongest gladiator in history of the Corrida Colosseum, Kyros.

I was half-expecting the ship Trébol slammed into the Executive Officers’ Tower to completely demolish it, but it seems the ship only managed to half destroy the tower – aw =P. Whoever that shipped belonged to, it is a shame that they now have a broken ship, what is even more shameful is the fact that they can’t really do anything about it lest they incur the wraith of Trébol and/or Doflamingo.

Sad that the dwarves are now captured and that they had their naive nature abused by Trébol and Sugar to gather information regarding the other allies they have =(. Trébol exploding his substance was just cruel, what fiends the Donquixote Pirates on Dressrosa are. But seeing as how Trébol’s sticky substance is flammable, it will be interesting to see how Usopp or anyone else can exploit that when combating Trébol and avoiding being immobilized.

One Piece chapter 739 - Rebecca and Kyros 1 One Piece chapter 739 - Rebecca and Kyros 2

I’m glad we have gotten an in-depth look at Soldier-san’s character and are able to see just how much Soldier-san has had to endure during these ten years. To be forgotten by your own family, including your wife and daughter, it must be emotionally crushing. The fact that Soldier-san couldn’t save his wife too must be haunting him to this day. Even having to endure Rebecca calling Kyros’s existence a “lie” and telling him that he is nothing but a toy soldier and not her real father, it must have been brutally soul crushing. Doflamingo practically took everything away from Kyros; his wife, his daughter, his family, his country, his very existence. Doflamingo has left Kyros with nothing but a form unable to match the power he is trying to compete with and the memories of the “truth” that has been eating him up inside for ten years. Kyros, unable to even express emotion through his toy form, has been burdened with so much suffering for ten years and yet he is still trying to fight against the very reality continuously beating him down. What a man, what a legend, what a father…Kyros is incredible.

One Piece chapter 739 - Kyros and the dwarves

Do you finally understand Usopp? About this man and the immense courage he wields?

I honestly cannot see Usopp not being affected by that story, the story of a man, the overwhelming hardships he faces and the courage he manifest to challenge it all with the purpose of protecting everything he holds dear and cares for. If there is one person who can turn a “lie” into the truth, that person is none other than Usopp. He has been cowardly, yes; he has been unconcerned for the dwarves, yes; but when Usopp has a reason to make a stand, there isn’t anything that can budge him from not running away. Unleash yourself Usopp and turn that “lie” of Kyros into a reality by knocking Sugar out!!

One Piece chapter 739 - Rebecca goes on the offensive

With Rebecca now on the offensive, how will she utilise her speed and Kenbunshoku Haki?

Rebecca going on the offense was a surprise but something I was waiting for, especially when it was likely that the one who cut Kyros’s leg off was Diamante when Kyros held him off as Scarlett and Rebecca escaped the Donquixote Pirates. With Diamante also possibly being the culprit behind Scarlett’s death, Rebecca may just be pushed into an offensive rage. Diamante bringing up her mother and Soldier-san now certainly hints at the possibility that Rebecca may just get pushed over the edge. Though for the reason of maintaining the Riku Family ideology, it would be best if Rebecca doesn’t get too overcome by emotion and doesn’t go on the offensive filled with rage and negativity. It would be cool to see Rebecca go on the offensive in a controlled fashion though, smartly utilising her Kenbhunshoku Haki and speed. I also want to see Rebecca’s braids get undone, I really am curious to see how Rebecca would look with her hair free. Will be interesting to see how Bartolomeo protects Rebecca.

One Piece chapter 739 - Diamante's provocation

Diamante…be careful what you say, because if you mess with the “bull” you get the “horns”

With the climax of the arc approaching ever so closer, I am looking forward to seeing how the split scenes across Dressrosa will come together and conclude:

  • Luffy, Zoro and Viola on level B-1 in the Palace facing Pica;
  • Franky facing off against Senor Pink, Machvise, some unnamed Donquixote Pirates, Bastille and some unnamed Marines at the Toy House;
  • Soldier-san heading to Doflamingo with the dwarves holding back Lao G. Presumably Kin’emon and Wicca are heading towards to the lift;
  • The Underground Trading Port where Usopp and Robin are trying to knock Sugar unconscious to return the toys to their original forms, and save the Tontatta dwarves;
  • The SMILE factory where the captured Tontatta dwarves are being worked to the bone under the guise of producing “medicine” for their princess; and
  • The Corrida Colosseum, which is directly above the SMILE factory, where Sabo, Burgess, Diamante, Bartolomeo and Rebecca are facing off against each other for the Mera Mera no Mi.

I really am looking forward to seeing everything merges into the conclusion of the arc. The Dressrosa Arc has been one of the most enjoyable arcs of One Piece which I have read, there is so many exciting and dramatic developments taking place.

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