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Naruto Chapter 666 – Saving Naruto

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Naruto chapter 666 - Obito's saving Naruto

I am not have been a fan of how Obito wound up following Madara, but I love how he is giving his all to save Naruto now

What a fantastic chapter, I’ve been waiting for this moment in which Obito gets a chance to redeem himself for being such a bastard since meeting Madara and getting all vengeful. It is impressive that Obito can move around so much given what has just been through – having the Bijuu removed from him, but I suppose Obito is an Uchiha after all, one of the strongest. I loved how Kishimoto-sensei incorporated Kakashi in the battle as well, seeing Obito and Kakashi team-up once again was spine-tingling awesome, it almost makes me forget how villainous Obito has been in the past two decades. But the past is the past and not what is happening currently, right now Obito is putting himself out there and is trying to save Naruto. With the Yin half of Kurama inside Naruto, it is going to be exciting to see what happens next.

It was quite hilarious seeing Madara trolled by Obito’s Mangekyou Sharingan making Obito intangible. Not even someone as powerful as Madara can get around Obito’s Mangekyou Sharingan without waiting to exploit the minute weaknesses in it. It was satisfying seeing Obito push Madara back and compete with Madara in a similar dimension power-wise. Obito even managed to tear off a fraction for Ichibi and Hachibi chakra. I wonder if Obito will also give that chakra to Naruto on top of the Yin half of Kurama.

Sakura’s reaction to Madara’s power did help to convey just how powerful Madara has gotten relative to the rest of the shinobi not boasting god-like or monster-like abilities or jutsu. This made Kakashi’s team-up with Obito even more impressive. Despite Kakashi not doing much, it was still amazing to seeing the two of them team-up and succeed in getting Obito to the Kamui dimension.

Naruto chapter 666 - Obito and Kakashi team-up

Ah the nostalgia, what a great scene this is

Obito and Kakashi using both the Sharingan eyes together makes you wonder just how powerful Obito would be if he had both Mangekyou Sharingan eyes. Obito’s right eye enables him to become intangible and suck out objects/people while touching it, the left eye enables the wielder to send objects/people to the Kamui dimension without requiring the wielder to touch them. Presumably if the right and left eye were used together, Obito would be able to utilise the Kamui jutsu on a much grander scale.

The flashback was a nice touch, it highlighted the relationship Obito and Kakashi share and illustrated that when united their capabilities were truly extraordinary (back then through Rin, and now with Naruto). Not even Madara was able to predict how effective a team those two made.

It is incredible that Sakura has been able to keep Naruto alive for so long, thanks to her, Gaara, Minato, Kakashi and Obito, Naruto has the opportunity to get the Yin half of Kurama inside him and consequently avoid death. I was half-expecting Black Zetsu to something like he usually does, but it does look like Obito has him under control for now. Will be interesting to see how Naruto’s jutsu differs now that he is using the Yin half of Kurama’s chakra.

Naruto chapter 666 - Might Guy is here!

Might Guy has arrived! Get ready to taste the power of youth Madara!

The cliff-hanger to the chapter was sensational, Guy appearing and giving Madara the beastly stare in conjunction with both Madara and Guy not having an exact idea of who the other is. Guy was barely able to stand a few chapters back and yet he managed to deflect Madara’s attack which would have arguable taken out Kakashi, the power of youth running through Might Guy is overwhelming! Ah, I’m sweating in anticipation for the next chapter! I am also curious about how the Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths will come into play this battle (as well as Ginkaku, Kinkaku, Samui and Atsui).

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