Fairy Tail Chapter 372 – Erza vs Kyouka

Fairy Tail chapter 372 - colour spread - cleaning by Ulquiorra90 (http://ulquiorra90.deviantart.com)

Got to love the Fairy Tail colour spreads, I know I do (cleaned by Ulquiorra90)

So Kyouka really was captured, I was half-expecting Minerva and Jackal to show up and take on Erza and Natsu respectively, buying time for Kyouka to escape and devise a plan B for the current situation i.e. disengaging the gravity on the undercube. Well that didn’t happen but it was amusing seeing Erza payback Kyouka’s earlier hospitality. I enjoyed seeing Erza’s new requip armor and weapon, though I hope this battle with Kyouka isn’t over yet. Kyouka has been portrayed as an important antagonist this arc, seemingly the head of the Kyuukimon (Nine Demon Gates), so it does seem likely that she will not be defeated just yet. Well now that there is a breach in the undercube, it is time for Fairy Tail to push forward their counter attack and hopefully avoid whatever terrors Zeref, who encounters Natsu, has in store for them inside.

Seeing Kyouka revealing so much information to Erza while held captive was a bit suspicious, but finding out that it was in order to buy time for herself to escape the shackles binding her made sense of that suspicion. Kyouka revealed the location of Mira to separate Natsu and Lisanna from Erza and by revealing part of the objective of Tartarus, which other Fairy Tail members had already known, Kyouka bought herself enough time to escape her bindings.

Fairy Tail chapter 372 - The demons from the books of Zeref

It is impressive the things Zeref can do with magic, what exactly are his limits?

It is interesting to learn that Zeref can manifest demons from the books her writes (well we already knew this), does this mean that he may have other books/demons prepared? And given how when writing, the state of mind of the writer plays an integral part in how ideas are communicated through the words, Zeref’s changing state of mind through his time alive could be seen through the characteristics of the Kyuukimon members. It would make sense, as seeing how Zeref was remorseful at one point, certain of the Kyuukimon (Sayla) may have inherited some of those characteristics/emotions.

The Kyuukimon are very individualistic but they merely see themselves as extended limbs of their creator Zeref, to follow through with his wishes and to accomplish them. Erza appears to have understood the essence of the demons manifesting from the books of Zeref and in reply is trying to get Kyouka to break free from her dependence on Zeref and notice the freedom she has available to her now that she is “alive”. Will the “ripples” caused by Erza’s words create big “waves” in Kyouka further into the story of this arc? Will Zeref’s hold over his demons not be as ironclad as he believes? This one-sided beating Kyouka is getting may have further repercussions on the way Kyouka actually perceives the world =/.

Fairy Tail chapter 372 - Erza overpowers Kyouka

I have to say, I love this armor design and the fact that Erza is wielding a badass knight lance!

Anyway Makarov wanted a breach and Erza gave him one! Badass how she sent Kyouka flying straight through the land of Cube. It is interesting to note that Erza who seemed to have sent Kyouka flying through the wall in one of the rooms had actually pierced the floor of Cube. The gravity of Cube is an unusual and interesting development, relative to your own perceptions, you may appear to be standing on the ground but from the perspective of outside Cube, the gravity within could very well mean the person is standing on one of the walls =/. I guess “right side up” really is relative to the gravity.

Fairy Tail chapter 372 - Erza sends Kyouka flying through Cube

Ouch, I love how badass Erza is but hopefully Kyouka gets a chance to shine as well!

Kyouka didn’t look pierced, just winded, so my money is on her getting back up and either taking on Erza again or escaping. We have yet to see her Sin power highlighted adequately, so Kyouka’s role is far from over this arc.

Zeref is on Cube? What a surprise, I was not expecting that and in addition for Zeref to search after Natsu. I really wonder what the exact relationship between Zeref and Natsu really is. Also what magic is Zeref using to freeze the time of others exact Natsu and himself? Will be interesting to see what Zeref has to chat about. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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3 Responses to Fairy Tail Chapter 372 – Erza vs Kyouka

  1. Jacob Listerud says:

    Um, quick question: Why didn’t Erza torture Kyouka back!? For example, when Kyouka said “I don’t know who Elfman is,” why didn’t Erza say, “I don’t believe you,” whip out her Lightning Empress spear, and zap her with a whopping amount of high voltage that would put Yakidorga’s electric shocks to shame? Or better yet, gouged Kyouka’s eyes out with a knife? Or chopped her limbs off? Or cut her stomach open and ripped out a few of her organs? Or stabbed her with so many of her swords, turning her into a human pincushion? Yes, Kyouka’s a demon, but she’s very human-like in appearance. And yes, I know Kyouka ends up getting tortured anyway, but not by Erza. Considering that Chapter 372 started with Erza saying that she was going to make Kyouka pay for what she did to her in Chapters 365 and 368, directly to her face, I might add, it seemed as if she really were going to torture Kyouka, which she should have. She had every right to. So why didn’t she!?!?

    Thankfully, I wrote a fanfiction where she did.


    • Syphin says:

      My understanding of Erza is that she is deeply understanding of a person’s pain as a result of experiencing so much of it herself. Her very character, personality and pride most likely won’t allow her to perceive reaching a right through two wrongs. Mashima-sensei has continually portrayed Erza as Jellal’s “light” and by having Erza sink to the same level as Kyouka, I believe such an act would have undermined Erza’s whole character and role within the story.

      Interesting fanfic though, thanks for sharing =).

      • Jacob Listerud says:

        So you’re saying that Erza has an understanding of Kyouka’s pain, right? Well, I think Erza should have just wanted to cause Kyouka to be *IN* pain. To an unfathomable degree. Erza should have simply not cared about about any suffering Kyouka may have gone through and instead wanted to cause said suffering herself. Which is why I wrote the fanfic in the first place. And I’m glad you liked it.

        If Erza wasn’t going to torture Kyouka, how was she going to get her so-called “revenge”?

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